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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rafizi launches online campaign to soothe fear of red-shirts

Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli is urging the public to join a social media campaign to pledge their participation in the Bersih 5 rally to counter scare tactics and threats by the red-shirts movement.
Rafizi, through his NGO Invoke, said pledges to participate in Bersih 5 through the #TekadBersih and #BersihPledge campaign would motivate more people to do the same and neutralise the threats by the red-shirts movement.
"If their goals is to create an climate of fear to dissuade people from attending, the best way for the public to deal with it is to pledge their support for Bersih 5 en masse.
"If more people take up the #BersihPledge, thus Jamal Md Yunos' goal of scaring the public will fail," said Rafizi in a press release today.
Jamal, the Sungai Besar Umno division head, is the leader of the red-shirt's movement. He has often made inflammatory remarks aimed at the Bersih movement.
Rafizi said the public could also state their support for the campaign by purchasing t-shirts produced by Invoke, of which one mentions "Jamal Ikan" - a nickname which is used by some of Jamal's detractors.
"I will be modelling the Jamal Ikan t-shirt in a promotional video this Friday," said Rafizi.
Jamal invited to forum
Meanwhile, Rafizi also offered to organise a forum for Jamal in order for him to state his case why Bersih 5 was not needed.
"Invoke is willing to offer a platform for Jamal to explain to fence-sitters on why the public doesn't need Bersih 5, if he is so inclined," said Rafizi.

Bersih 5 is scheduled for Nov 19. Rally organisers said that the event is aimed at pressuring Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak into resigning over the 1MDB scandal and to push for electoral reforms.
A series of roadshows to promote the event has been met by violence from the red-shirts.
Last week, the police arrested Jamal and held him overnight in connection with an inflammatory Facebook post.
Upon his release, he declared "all out war" against Bersih. - Mkini

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