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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rat on bread, bakery shutters Mid Valley outlet

Following an incident where a rat was seen walking on a tray full of baked goods at its outlet in Mid Valley Megamall, Komugi Bakery Malaysia today announced that it will temporarily close down the outlet as it seeks to rectify the situation.
"The safety and quality of our baked goods are our priority and we take this incident very seriously.
"We are working together with the relevant authorities and mall administration to investigate this rare incident.
"As an immediate measure to facilitate investigation, we will temporarily close our Mid Valley Megamall outlet until further notice," said Komugi in a statement.
Previously the company had apologised after a picture of the rat walking on a tray of baked goods went viral on social media.
The bakery franchise said that the presence of rats is an ongoing and known issue at the popular mall, with previous incidents recorded, reports Star Online.
"We are working to resolve the issue for quite a while," said Komugi, responding to comments on the matter on social networking site Facebook.
The Bakery chain said that it has reported the matter to the mall administration, as part of efforts to ensure all of their outlets and products will not be compromised by pests.

The picture of the rat on the bread was spread on Facebook after it was posted by user Melon Roux last Sunday.
While Komugi was not named in the original post, the bakery was singled out as its recognisable store decorations were visible in the picture.
As at press time, the picture was shared 4,700 times and has garnered 1,700 comments.

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