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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Poster on 50% discount for traffic summonses fake


The poster claims a 50% discount for summonses would apply to certain traffic offences from Nov 28 to Dec 3. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: The home ministry has dismissed a poster claiming that the police are offering a 50% discount on traffic summonses.

The poster, which had the home ministry’s logo, said a 50% discount would apply to certain traffic offences from Nov 28 to Dec 3.

“The poster that is being spread on social media is fake and is the work of irresponsible parties,” said the home ministry in a Facebook post.

The ministry advised members of the public to refrain from spreading false information and to verify the information before sharing it.

The police have given hefty discounts on traffic summonses in the past.

In August, a 50% discount was offered during the three-day Selangor Aspirasi Keluarga Malaysia programme from Aug 19 to 21.

The police also offered an 80% discount during last December’s 100-Day Keluarga Malaysia Aspirasi programme from Dec 9 to 31, during which 8.6 million outstanding traffic summonses were settled. - FMT

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