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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Return the favour, BN told after PH makes way in Tioman


Sofee Razak says he will have no choice but to ensure a PH win if BN does not make way for him in the Padang Serai parliamentary polls. (Facebook pic)

PETALING JAYA: Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for the Padang Serai parliamentary seat, Sofee Razak, has urged Barisan Nasional to make way for PH in the contest for the seat.

According to Berita Harian, Sofee said BN should “return the favour” after PH decided to make way for BN’s candidate in the election for the Tioman state seat.

He said should BN decide to remain in the contest for the Padang Serai seat, he would have no choice but to ensure a PH win.

“It’s a huge challenge for me to ensure that PH secures victory in this seat and to resume the excellent work done by the late M Karupaiya,” he was quoted as saying in reference to the former Padang Serai MP.

The election was deferred to Dec 7 when PH candidate Karupaiya died just before the polling date.

Sofee said as PH had made way for BN in Tioman, he hoped BN would do the same in Padang Serai.

The BN candidate for the seat, C Sivaraj, had reportedly said it was unfair for him to withdraw as he had been working to improve the constituency for the past three years.

Yesterday, PH announced that it will be making way for BN in the Tioman seat. Amanah secretary-general Hatta Ramli said this was in line with the cooperation between PH and BN at the federal and state levels, with the two coalitions working together to form the federal and Pahang governments.

The election for the seat was deferred following the death of Perikatan Nasional’s candidate, Yunus Ramli, in the early morning of Nov 19. Polling will be held on Dec 7. - FMT

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