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22 May 2024

Friday, August 30, 2019

Aug 31 as Malaysia’s National Day an insult to Sarawakians, says activist

Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration (Sapa) president Dominique Ng says Sept 16, 1963 should be the real National Day because that was the day Malaysia was formed.
KUCHING: A Sarawak activist has described the celebration of National Day on Aug 31 as an “insult” to Sarawakians.
President of the Sarawak Association for Peoples’ Aspiration (Sapa) Dominique Ng said Aug 31, 1957 is not Malaysia’s National Day and is instead the day when Malaya gained its independence.
“Tomorrow, Malaysia is again celebrating the country’s so-called 62nd National Day.
“Sabah and Sarawak were not part of Federation of Malaysia on Aug 31, 1957.
“Sept 16, 1963, should be the real National Day of Malaysia because that was the day when Malaysia was formed,” he said at a press conference here today.
Ng said Putrajaya must “respect” the true history of Malaysia and must celebrate the actual days correctly so that the younger generation would be aware of the country’s history and could give the days the real respect they deserve.
To continue celebrating Aug 31 as Malaysia’s National Day is to continue insulting Sarawak by ignoring the role and contributions of Sarawakians, he said.
“I would like to remind the federal government that Sarawak has contributed massively to the Federation of Malaysia with its oil and gas, as well as taxes.
“And until now, despite promises written in their election manifesto, their promise of 20% royalty in oil and gas, and return of 50% of the taxes collected from us, have yet to be fulfilled.”
Ng said while Merdeka Day was defined in Article 160, Malaysia Day was never defined in the Federal Constitution.
“Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day are the only two days that are enshrined in the Federal Constitution,” he said.
He said it was only in 2010 that the federal government deemed it fit to give due recognition and respect for Malaysia Day, and declared it a national holiday.
Therefore, he urged Putrajaya to give full recognition to the following dates which are Aug 31, 1957 (Malaya’s independence day), Aug 31, 1963 (Sabah’s independence day) and July 22, 1963 (Sarawak’s independence day).

If Putrajaya decided to continue celebrating Malaya’s independence day on Aug 31, then they should also celebrate Sarawak’s independence day on July 22, he said. - FMT

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