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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, August 30, 2019

Rafidah: Unity the key to success, Malaysia is a country for every citizen

PETALING JAYA: The key to all success is unity amongst citizens, says Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz in a Facebook post on the eve of Malaysia’s National Day.
“Malaysia is a country for every Malaysian citizen regardless of origin or religious following.
"Every Malaysian’s loyalty is to Malaysia. Nobody can refute or deny this," she said.
“When our country achieved independence, it meant that we are now citizens who are important stakeholders of the country, ” she added.
Rafidah, who is a member of the Economic Action Council, said all citizens should ensure that the country was truly independent and free from all issues that posed a threat to the unity and peacefulness of the country.
“Currently, there is constant turmoil in the areas of politics and economics within the region and around the world.
“Despite this, we must ensure that we are truly free of all that can threaten the country’s unity and calm, ” said Rafidah.
“We must ensure that we are free from acts such as the inability to prioritise the differences between us and not accepting with open hearts that differences are the source of our strength and endurance.
“We must also be free of any factors that could weaken the concord and strength of our country, ” she added.
The former International Trade and Industries Minister also said citizens should try to be more open-minded and be free of any negative attributes.


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  1. Pelik...apa agenda Rafidah ni.dah semakin galak keluar kenyataan.Mungkin sedang mengintai peluang masuk kabinet.Rakyat taklupa..Rafidah ni sebahagian dari angkatan Lanun dalam kabinet PM ke 4 dulu.
    Dah kaya raya dengan AP.Taraf Queen !!!
    Ni kah orang yang menangis keluar air mata buaya masa Madey letak jawatan dulu.
    Nak tanya..dengan kekayaan ko..dah berapa banyak peluang pekerjaan yang diwujudkan untuk rakyat Malaysia?


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