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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Berita Pak Arab Bodoh : Saad Hariri Quits, Lebanon Collapses, Hezbollah Stirs Up More Crap, Egypt Next??

Well it had to happen. After 13 days of mass protests, involving Muslims, Christians, Druze and others the Lebanese PM Saad Hariri finally resigned. The popular protests have been truly non sectarian. 

Lebanon’s PM Saad Hariri resigned Tues 
nearly two weeks of nationwide anti-government protests
reached “dead end” following 13 days of turmoil 
  1. Mass demonstrations over long standing grievances
  2. rampant corruption, lack of public services, worsening economic crisis.
  3. Banks shut over fears of financial collapse
  4. acute economic crisis, rampant corruption  
  5. highest debt due to years of mismanagement
  6. Unemployment 25% 
  7. tens of thousands educated leave due to lack of opportunity 
OSTB : They never fixed these simple problems. It is not difficult to fix these simple problems. They were just too corrupt and too stupid. 25%  unemployment, no public services, no economic prospects. These are the main reasons for the upheaval.  

demonstrators in hundreds of thousands, blocking roads 
Protesters chant : “All of them means all of them” 
cry for removal of all the country’s political leaders. 
Muslims, Christians, Druze all together saying : everybody must resign
protester said resignation was “just the start.”
want another government, technocratic government 

plunged Lebanon's political class into chaos
mass movement aimed at its overthrow.
protesters called out Lebanon’s corrupt political class in its entirety

OSTB :  The elections in Lebanon are "fixed". The Prime Minister must be a sunni, the president must be a Christian and the Speaker of the Parliament must be a shia. The Druzes grow those thick black Walid Jumblatt moustaches.

Walid Jumblat leader of the Druze since the First World War.
(Also played Igor in old Frankenstein thrillers)

OSTB : There is no real democracy in Lebanon. That is why the people have to take to street protests to effect change.

Complicating the problem are the Shia Hezbollah and their Amal militias - the real bad guys in Lebanon.
  • government dominated by Hezbollah
  • ramped up hostility towards demonstrators 
  • Hezbollah and Amal attacked protesters in Beirut 
  • large groups violently attacking protesters 
  • blighted by violence
OSTB : For over 20 years now the real power in Lebanon is this guy - Hassan Nasrallah the leader of the Shia Hezbollah.

A true Ostard Wal Retard. The Hezbollah Army is more powerful than the Lebanese Army. Plus they are fully backed up by Shia Iran. The Lebanese government (which has just resigned) was dominated by Hezbollah proxies.

Hence Saad Hariri has taken the opportunity to tai chi all the blame for the collapse of his corrupt and incompetent government on Hezbollah and Iran, as in this video :

Link :  https://youtu.be/HbcJntob-SY
OSTB : The Hezbollah never allowed the Lebanese government, Lebanese Army and Police to become strong and fully institutionalised. They always kept the lid on a national Lebanese identity. This was to maintain their own Shia identity so that they could keep the guns and money flowing from Iran.  

Hariri's resignation has actually caught Hassan Nasrallah by surprise as well. It looks like the Hezbollah has no one to bully anymore. And since the Hezbollah has so much at stake in Lebanon, now they have to take charge of the country - to safeguard their assets.  

This is where I feel the violence will escalate. 

The Saudis certainly do not want another Shia monster in their neighborhood. Neither do the Israelis, the Turks and many others.

The Iranians have a timeline in this situation as well. They were happy with the Hezbollah equation in Lebanon. But now that position appears to be in jeopardy or it can be seriously degraded. Their solution is predictable - war. Against Israel. 

Finally there is another more human angle to this situation. Egypt is no better than Lebanon in terms of providing better economic opportunities for its people.  Lebanon could be Arab Spring No. 2 for Egypt. The Egyptians and all the Arab people are watching Lebanon closely.

I think Dr Mahathir should watch Lebanon closely too.

Kita jangan masuk campur ok. 
Ini berita Pak Arab Bodoh lagi. 

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