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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Yoursay: Hate speech – police should walk the talk, not just talk the talk

YOURSAY | ‘I think we should heed the warning by the counter-terrorism advisor.’
The Third Man: "Is there a possibility that the country is heading towards May 13, 1969? I'm confident that it could happen. It is waiting for a trigger," so said Ahmad El Muhammad, the police counter-terrorism advisor.
This statement is tantamount to fear-mongering and a veiled threat to the harmony of Malaysia.
What the country needs is a strong, bold and fearless leader who will brook no nonsense from any quarters using race or religious issues to further their political causes.
He must be firm and steadfast in his words, deeds and actions and not be allowed to be swayed by sentiments as he knows he is the leader for all Malaysians.
A true leader must be able to rise above his personal feelings and emotions and put himself in the hearts and minds of the people.
That's what is missing. Weak leaders fool themselves with excuses. Strong leaders make things happen. In New Malaysia, we are looking forward to such a leader.
Essential: The unsavoury resurrection of May 13 incident which occurred five decades ago by counter-terrorism advisor Ahmad as a means to showcase his expertise has inevitably raised more questions than answers on the true motive of his lopsided views when they are being judiciously construed as thinly-veiled threats against the minority races who undeniably professed the dignity and courage to withstand the unconcealed onslaught of being considered mere ‘guests’ to Malaysia.
To eradicate this festering ‘ulcer’ which has long afflicted our embattled nation, Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad in particular must include attitude towards his performance and be seen as both fair and impartial in order for sanity and professionalism be the leading light for the government to function as required.
The pursuit of political self-preservation or lobbying through conniving and scheming manoeuvres by the ageing Mahathir to conserve or enhance his family’s or cronies’ future wellbeing would be most unwarranted as it is a certain recipe for chaos for the Pakatan Harapan coalition government and imminent disaster to the legacy of Mahathir.
Anonymous 770241447347646: This is not 1969. Any event in the nation will reach the far corners of the world within seconds. This is not 1969, when nations were struggling to build themselves and could not be concerned with what was happening in other nations.
This is not 1969. Today, China and India are the two biggest economies of the world. With over two billions of the population of the world, a reaction from them will have a devastating effect on our small nation. Not only billions of ringgit of investment will be affected, but millions of tourists will stop visiting us.
So, to even think of a repeat of May 13 will send shivers down the spine of all Malaysians. We have to protect this nation from unscrupulous politicians or selfish individuals who intend to use this nation to fulfil their agenda.
They should be stopped, at any cost, before they destroy the lives of 30 million Malaysians.
Fair Play: In less than three months’ time, we will welcome 2020. The rakyat are now well informed and the narrative is no longer controlled by the powers-that-be.
May I ask, Ahmad, what were the real objectives of the recently concluded Malay Dignity Congress with high ranking personnel from the public universities making inflammatory speeches?
The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) should walk the talk and not talk the talk.
Kangkong: Ahmad, why are you not asking the question as to who are responsible for the open polemics regarding race, religion and political ideologies?
Indeed, the people like those at the Malay Dignity Congress purposely lit the spark to foment hatred, division and discord among Malaysians.
Malaysian-United: The inspector-general of police (IGP) recently issued a very stern warning that he would take action against anyone who says things that can cause racial unrest.
Ahmad, why don't you spend more time and energy "advising" your police force to arrest those culprits in the social media who are creating these problems instead of warning us of an impending May 13?
Your job is to help preserve the peace, not issue warnings that may cause alarm to the public.
Cheong Sai Fah: I think we should heed the warning by the counter-terrorism advisor. The problem is that the leaders of the nation, both in government and opposition, are not doing enough to cool the social discourse.
I think leaders can do a lot to influence what goes on in social media. If politicians use the easy route of race and religion to gain power, then Malaysia is doomed.
The IGP recently warned against those making hate speech. I do hope he is working behind the scenes to discourage them.
David Dass: The police probably have a global view of all comments made over social media and are expressing their concerns. I have seen a limited number of comments and am concerned about some very irresponsible and racist comments.
The problem is we do not always know who posts these comments. Many are posted anonymously or perhaps even by people determined to cause mischief.
Having said that, many of the comments posted here in Malaysiakini are constructive comments designed to give alternative viewpoints to complex issues. Vigorous debate is always good.
Mahathir defends the Malay Congress and the right of the participants therein to say what they said. That was not social media. That was right there, in public, in all our faces.
He said one million 'unqualified' persons were given citizenship prior to or after independence! How could the prime minister say something like that?
Clearly all these statements are designed to provoke a strong reaction from non-Malays. And that in turn will result in a strong reaction by some Malays. And it will go on and on.
It is time to call a halt to these incendiary statements. The government has much to do.
The economy is slowing down. We need to provide employment for many school leavers and graduates. Poverty is a big issue. Many families subsist on one meal a day. Child malnutrition is a problem.
Let us all come together to deal with the big issues that affect all our people and stop all this race-baiting nonsense.
Cascara: Yes, statements made in social media are generally only after unwarranted statements made by politicians from both sides of the political divide.
We have to rein in the politicians or enforce the laws against racial and religious provocations made by them.
Odysseus: This role of a police advisor really caught us by surprise. I always have high regards to our police intelligence.
Now, we have a police advisor telling us the police are not doing their job. How strange. - Mkini

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