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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Conspiracy Theories Abound, But Dr M And Anwar’s Feathers Aren’t Ruffled One Bit

Zainal Epi, MMO
The rumour mill is in overdrive in Malaysia Baharu, that is if you care about political gossip.
Well, let’s say we all do give a hoot, but for the uninitiated, there has been increased pressure on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to clearly state when he would be stepping aside and allow Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to take over as prime minister.
The matter is being framed in such a way that Dr Mahathir is being seen as losing control and support of Pakatan Harapan parties.
The PM’s appearance during the Malay Dignity Congress last month was the spark that needed to light the fire of discontent, and it was perceived as him attending an allegedly racial event.
This runs counter to what PH has fought for since its ascension to the role of the ruling government after GE14.
Because of this, there have been renewed demands and attacks against the government, both pressuring Dr Mahathir to step down and for Anwar to take a more assertive role in calling for the transfer of power.
But in the face of adversity, both leaders are choosing to play the long game.
For Dr Mahathir, there is no confusion. He is very much in control and calls the shots. He has an idea of how to run the country, and will stick to it no matter how loud the criticisms are.
And for Anwar, the aim is to reintroduce and rebrand himself to the new voting generation. Many young voters and soon-to-be voters are unfamiliar with Anwar’s brand of politics and his legacy, as well the Reformasi days.
And so what Anwar is doing is carefully reimagining his political identity; carefully picking key issues such as poverty and Industry 4.0 as pet topics to fight for and in doing so reposition himself as a leader for the new generation.
If Anwar and Dr Mahathir know their roles and will not be pressured into making hasty political decisions, what is this article for?
Context, context and context. And also for the clicks and the social media shares.

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