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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Businessman arrested over ‘missing’ RM2.89 million ring

(Bloomberg pic)

KUANTAN: Police have arrested a local businessman in connection with a diamond and ruby ring worth RM2.89 million which allegedly went missing from a jewellery outlet in Genting Highlands last Sunday.
The businessman, 46, was arrested in Bentong at 4.30pm yesterday.
Pahang commercial criminal investigation head Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof said the suspect, who hails from Kuching, deals with imported goods from China.
He also operates a budget hotel in the federal capital and provides a luxury car rental service through the WeChat application.
“The suspect is believed to know the two key suspects in the case as they used his luxury car rental service a few times to Genting Highlands, including on the day of the incident, and sent them to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport a few hours later.
“The local businessman also followed the (key) suspects to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, on Sunday, but decided to return to Malaysia on Tuesday after not finding them (key suspects) in the hotel (in Vietnam),” he told reporters here today.
After the arrest, police went to the hotel in Kuala Lumpur where the key suspects were alleged to have stayed.
However, the CCTV camera at the hotel did not have footage of the accused, neither were they registered as guests on the dates in question.
Wazir said the police would request for an order to remand the businessman for further investigation today.
Based on media reports, a Chinese national in his 50s went to the jewellery shop at 12.50pm last Sunday and asked to have a look at the ring.
The man examined the ring for about 20 minutes and then left, saying he was not interested in it.
However, an employee noticed that the ring differed slightly from the one that was shown, and asked a colleague to test it.
It was later found to be a fake. - FMT

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