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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Yoursay: A racist statement unbecoming of a former minister

 | ‘Nazri cannot try excuse his conduct by blaming sentiment on the ground.’

David Dass: BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz says that he was simply reflecting sentiment on the ground when he said that Malays do not trust non-Muslims to act in their best interest.
He says that Malays on the ground believe that a non-Muslim attorney-general (AG) will be biased against Malays.
That is a racist statement unbecoming of a former minister. Nazri now cannot try excuse his conduct by blaming sentiment on the ground.
It is the duty of a leader to guide people away from irrational and improper prejudices, not reinforce racist attitudes by stirring racist sentiments to win elections.
Consider the damage that you have done. Do you actually have non-Malay friends?
RR: Nazri as a lawyer and a former minister should know that there are no restrictions in the constitution for a non-Malay being appointed as AG or chief justice (CJ).
Taking oath is between the appointee and the God he believes in. In fact. appointees should rightly take oath on the constitution.
Some of the fellows who took oath on sacred texts including the Holy Quran have no fear for God and had become cheats and plunderers of the nation. We pray that the majority of Malays will realise this folly.
Anonymous_b3cdcd05: Indeed, swearing on the Quran or other holy books is immaterial so long as you serve with honesty and integrity.
What good is an oath taken on a religious text if you are a crook out to defraud the people? Where were the grassroots sentiments when the entire Umno/BN kleptocracy connived and colluded to cover up the 1MDB crime of the century?
The three specific non-Malay appointees that Nazri and his ilk object to was in recognition of their integrity and ability.
If such rational appointments are objectionable, imagine the ire of the grassroots when these positions were occupied by Umno/BN crooks specifically there to cover up the 1MDB crimes.
OceanMaster: I am glad to hear what you say gets published and commented upon. The people rescued the country from reckless racist and power-abusing people like you and installed a government that respects individual rights to freedom of speech and expression.
Every time you utter such racist and bigotry, remember it is the rakyat who gave you the voice. There are enough laws that you politicians left behind to chuck you in a prison and never to be heard for next half a decade.
Every time you open your mouth in this manner (which is always), remember we, the rakyat, are your Ah Long. We will come and get you one day.
Abd.Karim: I've spoken to many Malays and most of them are not the least bothered whether the AG is a Malay or a non-Malay.
But I find that only the Umno leaders are bothered because they have a lot of baggage which needs to be sorted out. They know for sure that a character like former AG Mohamed Apandi Ali will not be there to close the file for them.
So, it's not the Malays but only the crooks in Umno who are bothered about the non-Malay AG. Firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim is just a tool for them to get rid of the AG so that someone else can close their files.
Pathetic indeed. Better luck next time, Nazri.
Proarte: Why are Malays not objecting vociferously to Nazri's claim that they are racist? Why are they not objecting when Nazri lied and said that the four men charged had their cases dropped because of interference from the non-Muslim AG?
What values do Malays actually stand for? Do they really believe religious leaders such as PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang, who claim that lying is permissible in Islam?
FairMalaysian: The sentiment on the ground is a Malay, like Apandi, may be "bought". All Malay ministers in the BN administration allegedly succumbed to money, and Nazri was one of the more vocal defenders of a kleptocrat.
The public view was that Shahrir Abdul Samad, the former Johor Bahru MP, was also enticed and received money from former PM Najib Abdul Razak.
Used to win big majorities, even as an independent, this time around Shahrir lost heavily to a relatively unknown person.
I hope a day will come when you stand before the court for being a racist and for your past misdeeds.
If you are really a sincere and honest person, don't ever ask a single vote from a non-Malay, then I will respect you, but people like you have no shame, you still go begging for non-Malay votes.
Old Fella: But our non-Malay AG has shown zero bias. If there is a fear of bias on the part of Malays, it shows how poor BN was at nation building all these 62 years from independence in 1957.
For the sake of interest, AG Tommy Thomas is a Syrian Christian. The Mar Thoma Syrian Church was established in 100 AD, about 500 years before the time of the Holy Prophet. The Holy Prophet regarded them as “people of the book”.
When Umno and PAS discriminate against Tommy Thomas, they are going against the Holy Prophet.
Tommy Thomas has sued the US bank Goldman Sachs to recover all the money misappropriated by Najib.
If Umno and PAS, over and above their narrow prejudice, have any patriotism for Malaysia, they must be thankful we have a brainy AG surprisingly appointed by Mahathir, the father of Malay hegemony.
JW: As usual, Nazri, you are full of it.... you are still down at heart a thug. Don't use the excuse of the public, for you know diddly squat about them ever since your backside was ensconced firmly in the BN seat.
Now that the BN is neither here nor there, you want to claim the upper hand to be speaking for the public.
Falcon: Here in Malaysia, they have perfected the art and venom of hate speech and continuously use the bogeymen theory to justify pure unadulterated racism. What a perversion and disgrace! - Mkini

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