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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Yoursay: Nazri is shockingly clueless of our constitution

 | ‘This is remarkable for someone who claims to have a law degree.’

Wg321: According to BN secretary-general Nazri Abdul Aziz, his statement that a non-Muslim could not be attorney-general (AG) was merely a reflection of Malay grassroots sentiment.
All the time I thought Sabah, Sarawak and Tanah Melayu are equal partners under the Federation of Malaysia Agreement 1963.
So what Nazri meant is that a non-Muslim pribumi from Sabah and Sarawak has no right to hold the post of AG or other similar senior government posts.
In order words, a pribumi from Sabah and Sarawak is inferior to a bumiputera from Tanah Melayu?
Ipohcrite: The last AG was a Malay and a Muslim, and he helped cover up the 1MDB scandal; he betrayed his office and the rakyat's trust in him by summarily clearing former PM Najib Abdul Razak of wrongdoing.
Now, no thanks to him, at least in part, Malaysia became the world biggest kleptocracy. So, Nazri, go find out what the rakyat's real sentiments are instead of hallucinating from your fantasy stupor.
One Humanity: So, if the grassroots sentiment is anti-Malay, anti-Islam, and I say this in public, that's jolly good, according to Nazri’s line of argument.
And all this mumbo jumbo about swearing on the Quran shows he is shockingly illiterate and clueless of the constitution – this is remarkable for someone who claims to have a law degree.
Meerkat: Well, the grand theft committed by the ex-finance minister would take Malaysians generation(s) to repay.
That's always been on the cards once that kleptocrat started to go about his business. Anyone taking over from him would have to tighten the belt and manage our way out of it.
The present taxes go to the usual business of running the country, as well as paying for the worst kleptocrat's debts. They do not go to buy pink diamonds, condominiums and the like.
Liew Lean Kut: PAS and Umno said that the finance minister, being a very important post, should not be given to a non-Malay.
Well, the last finance minister is a Malay, the sad thing is that he was so busy stealing our money until our country nearly went bankrupt (I did not say it, PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the US Department of Justice [DOJ] said it).
At least, this non-Malay finance minister has not stolen any money yet. There is another thing. Nazri said the AG is a very important post, it should not be given to a non-Malay. Well, as I remember it, the last AG is a Malay and he said MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) has no case to answer in spite of the DOJ accusing him of stealing money.
There is a difference between the two AGs - the new AG has started to bring all the big corrupted fish to court.
Sir, I will put my trust on this AG any time, any place. I see changes everywhere in spite of all you people saying otherwise.
Myviews: Nazri, be honest and ask yourself the question - why should there be mistrust if the AG is not a Malay?
It is because of people like you, who, when in government for 60 years, kept on drumming and poisoning the minds of simple Malay folks into this perceived fear. The Malays have been conditioned not to think rationally, or worse, not to think at all.
You said you are not racist. What about your statement that the finance minister should not be a non-Malay?
If you had not known, or simply don't want to know - or maybe you were in your diapers and too young to know - the first two finance ministers were HS Lee and Tan Siew Sin when Tunku Abdul Rahman was PM.
They did a sterling job and built the country's reserves up so much so our ringgit was stronger than the German mark, the Japanese yen, and a host of other currencies.
Existential Turd: In fact, the fear of bias is greater when a Malay is head of any government body or GLC (government-linked company).
Nazri's sentiment reflects what a Malay would do in those positions and he/they projects them on to the non-Malays.
Cogito Ergo Sum: To repeat a racist statement by the grassroots as you claim, Nazri, reflects that you too are racist.
The real reason you are making this statement is because you have got wind that you are next in line to be charged.
So, the oldest trick in Umno’s playbook is to scream discrimination on racial grounds. Umno, in fact, had been playing this game for far too long for anyone to believe you.
No, Nazri, those whom you claim come from the ground are actually from within your party. And they are in a very small minority. And, like you, they are running scared.
Anonymous 2358311441466692: Everyone who is a legal citizen of Malaysia has equal rights.
This means that ability determines how far one can go, and not your heritage, your family name, your wealth or your skin colour.
Baba Quay: Nazri, you are from the Victoria Institution (VI) and so is Tommy Thomas, who is probably more senior than you.
We would have learnt this phrase in school 'this is not cricket' and this similarly applies to the very unkind words you describe of your fellow Victorian.
When, in fact, you ought to be proud that a school mate, more so a non-Malay from a great multiracial school has achieved this singular honour, you perform the ignoble act of running him down.
Man, you are a disgrace to the school. For spewing out such words of hatred, you deserve to get six of the best on your backside! - Mkini

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