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Thursday, June 29, 2017


Now, can you see that the HRW 2000 and 2001 reports on Mahathir and Malaysia are similar to what Mahathir said about Najib and Malaysia in his blog posting today? Mahathir is like a whore who is calling someone else a prostitute. If I were Mahathir I would be very ashamed to open my mouth and say the things he said today. Only a person with no shame (takde kemaluan) and no morals (takde maruah) can say what he said and not feel like a pariah.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Today, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad posted his latest article from London, which you can read below (or read here: http://chedet.cc/?p=2555). So now Malaysia has two bloggers in the UK, one in London and another in Manchester (with Clare Rewcastle Brown claiming she is not a blogger but a whistleblower, and what a mean blowjob at that too). The question is are people going to also call Mahathir a fugitive blogger (like what they call me) once the RCI on Bank Negara’s US$10 billion forex losses is completed?
Anyway, the first seven or eight paragraphs of Mahathir’s blog posting today is complaining about how unjust, undemocratic, etc., Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is in the way he handles protests and demonstrations. Maybe Mahathir would like to view this video so that he can remember what he did almost 20 years ago at the height of the Reformasi Movement. If Mahathir thinks the Bersih organisers and demonstrators had a hard time, just see what we Reformasi activists had to suffer back in 1998 to 2001.
This is a sample of Mahathir’s brutality towards those who oppose him
Then, in April 2001, Mahathir detained without trial ten of us and six were sent to the Kamunting Detention Centre for two years. That was the end of protests and demonstrations. The organisers were behind bars without trial while the rest of Malaysians were just too damn scared to come out to protest and demonstrate.
This was what the Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in its 2001 report:
On April 10-11, just days before public protests planned to mark the second anniversary of the sentencing of former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, the authorities detained seven opposition leaders under the ISA, then three other people in the following days. Most of the ten, who were all held incommunicado until May 4, were members of Keadilan. The authorities alleged that they were plotting to overthrow the government but produced no evidence to substantiate this. On May 30, in an unusual and courageous ruling, Judge Hishamuddin Yunus ordered the release of two ISA detainees on a writ of habeas corpus, and suggested that the parliament should review and either scrap or amend the ISA to reduce its potential for abuse. By mid-November, authorities had released two more detainees, but six had been served with two-year detention orders and were being held at the Kamunting Detention Centre.
READ THE FULL REPORT HERE: https://www.hrw.org/legacy/wr2k2/asia8.html
Did Mahathir have to suffer this?
In paragraph eight to ten of Mahathir’s blog posting today, he says Najib is frightening the voters. Was this not what Mahathir did in November 1999? In November 1999, Mahathir went on TV and warned Malaysians that Barisan Nasional had better retain its two-thirds majority in Parliament. Even if Barisan Nasional wins the general election but loses its two-thirds majority then the government cannot guarantee the safety of Malaysians.
A government without a two-thirds majority in Parliament will be a weak government, said Mahathir. And a weak government will not be able to ensure the safety of Malaysians — just like what happened back in May 1969. Basically Mahathir was warning Malaysians that if Barisan Nasional does not win its two-thirds majority in the November 1999 general election then Malaysians face the danger of May 13 Version 2.
Mahathir then asked army trucks to patrol the Chinese areas. This made the Chinese really very scared. In the end, the Malays voted opposition but the Chinese did not. In the Malay heartland of Kelantan and Terengganu, these two states fell to the opposition while more than half of Kedah’s parliament seats were won by the opposition and Barisan Nasional lost its two-thirds majority in the Kedah State Assembly. The Chinese, however, saved Mahathir by voting Barisan Nasional. The Chinese even kicked out Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh just to please Mahathir.
So what is it again that Mahathir is saying Najib is doing?
Mahathir’s PPBM Vice-President, Abdul Rashid, was one the main players in the SPR who made sure that Barisan Nasional can never lose the general election
In paragraph 11 of his blog posting, Mahathir talks about fraudulent elections. He probably forgot about the 2,000 phantom voters that they discovered in Mahathir’s constituency in November 1999. And when asked about it he never denied it but just replied that even the opposition does the same thing.
One year later, in November 2000, Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman took over as the new Chairman of Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia (SPR or Elections Commission). The opposition (PAS, PKN, DAP and PRM) then sent a delegation to meet Rashid to discuss electoral reforms (the same thing Bersih is talking about today).
The first item on the list of electoral reforms was postal voting. The opposition wanted postal voting to be abolished. Rashid replied that if the SPR abolishes postal voting then not a single minister will be able to retain his or her seat.
The delegation was flabbergasted that Rashid could be so bold and arrogant as to reply in that way. “What is the job of the SPR?” the opposition delegation asked. “Is it not to ensure free and fair elections?”
Rashid then replied the job of the SPR is to ensure that the Malays do not lose political power to the non-Malays.
Today, Rashid is the Vice-President of Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), Mahathir’s party. And the Chinese love Mahathir and PPBM. Maybe Mahathir can ask Rashid about this episode in 2000 when the latter declared that the job of the SPR is not to ensure free and fair elections but to ensure the Malays do not lose political power to the non-Malays.
Mahathir is now speaking out against what he did and the damage he caused to Malaysia
But Mahathir need not worry about this because the Chinese will still support him and his PPBM in spite of what he did and the damage he caused because, as Superman Hew said, the Chinese want to use the Malays to fight the Malays. Hence Mahathir and PPBM will still get Chinese support.
As for paragraphs 12 to 23 of Mahathir’s blog posting, I will allow the Human Rights watch (HRW) to reply. This is what they said in their 2000 report:
The trial of former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, culminating in his conviction for sodomy in August, provided the backdrop for the Malaysian government’s ongoing repression of perceived political opponents. While continuing to target liberal activists, the government stepped up its attacks on the fundamentalist Islamic party PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia), following elections in November 1999. Human rights activists, lawyers, politicians, and publishers affiliated with the opposition were prosecuted under expansively-worded laws restricting freedom of expression. Police broke up peaceful rallies, arrested protestors, and beat some detainees in custody. Anwar’s conviction cast further doubt on the independence of Malaysia’s judicial system.
Now, can you see that the HRW 2000 and 2001 reports on Mahathir and Malaysia are similar to what Mahathir said about Najib and Malaysia in his blog posting today? Mahathir is like a whore who is calling someone else a prostitute. If I were Mahathir I would be very ashamed to open my mouth and say the things he said today. Only a person with no shame (takde kemaluan) and no morals (takde maruah) can say what he said and not feel like a pariah.
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
1. This is the third in the series on the above subject. What Najib will do or is likely to do to win the 14th GE would require a whole book. I am listing only a few based on what he had done before and during the 13th GE, what he did during the by-elections and what other things he had done to stifle opposition against him.
2. The nation will remember the 5th Bersih demonstration. He declared that he would not ban it. But we all know the strenuous efforts he made to prevent the demonstration from taking place, or at least to reduce the scale.
3. All sites proposed by Bersih were not approved by the police. Certain streets were also classified as unsuitable. The demonstration must not be violent. It must not result in rubbish being thrown by the demonstrators. Yellow shirts were regarded as criminal wear.
4. Bersih complied with nearly all these restrictions. Unlike street demos in other countries, the demonstrators did not fill the streets but kept mainly to the sidewalks. They obeyed all instructions by the police. They had teams of people to pick the rubbish. The demonstrators avoided littering the roads. There was no violence, not even when the red shirt Government supporters came into contact with the yellow shirts. The world had never seen such an orderly and peaceful demo. No tear gas, no tyres burnt, no cars overturned.
5. Despite, the organisers promising to comply with all the conditions, a few days before the demo, Maria Chin Abdullah, the principal organiser together with nine other leaders were arrested. Maria was thrown into a dark cold room. This is a form of torture. The demo started minus many of their leaders.
6. It was several days after the demo that Maria and the others were released. This too because people held silent protests in Merdeka Square night after night.
7. That is one of Najib’s ways of terrorising the opposition.
8. From this episode we can forecast Najib’s likely act to destroy the opposition and frighten the people when the 14th Election is held.
9. There are already signs of a build-up of the case for arresting and detaining opposition leaders. The arrest of the opposition leaders will leave the parties in disarray. Of course it would anger the people but many may be intimidated and become too frightened to vote for the opposition. They believe Najib would find out and action would be taken against them. Without leaders they would not know what to do.
10. The voting for the opposition would be eroded. And during the leaderless period Najib would be able to bribe the people and the election workers to his heart’s content. They would do all the illegal things that he wants them to do. Money will flow on an unprecedented scale.
11. The election workers and officials may misdirect the voters, and the voting would be manipulated. Many will not be able to vote at all. Postal votes would be hijacked and moved to increase the votes in the constituencies of the important BN candidates.
12. Malaysia is effectively no longer a democracy. We are now classified as a kleptocracy, a country ruled by thieves. The election would be so fraudulent that it would become almost meaningless. It will be a shame.
13. The IGP may not like it but Malaysia has become effectively a police state. There is no longer the rule of law. Whether the instructions are against the laws of the country or not, the police have shown they are prepared to carry them out. They will arrest the leaders of the opposition knowing full well that these people have done no wrong. They will harass people, calling them in for questioning and threatening them. These things have been done and done with the consent of the IGP.
14. All these will happen if elections are held. But Najib can very well not hold the elections. It is within his power to do so. Laws will not bother him. Simply by declaring a security situation or a state of emergency even if there is none he can literally suspend the constitution.
15. In this he will have the full support of UMNO and BN leaders. They all know that their leader is abusing his power. They all know about the investigations and accusations levelled at Najib by investigators in foreign countries. They all know of the criminal reports by the Department of Justice of the US, the arrests and closure of banks in Singapore in the 1MDB scandals. They all know of the massive bribery with stolen money that has been done by Najib almost ever since the took office. He had destroyed UMNO and the country.
16. Said Keruak, Annuar Musa, Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin, Mustapa Mohamad, the MCA and MIC leaders and all the cabinet ministers just do not care. They don’t care what happens to the country, to the people and the reputation of good governance that was built by the founding fathers.
17. All they care about is their position, their perks and possibly the bran they get. Let the country go to hell. Let it be called a kleptocracy. Let it be listed among the 10 most corrupt country in the world. They don’t care. Cannot be that they don’t know. But they don’t care.
18. The people can suffer. That is not the problem of the ministers. Being led by a thief is okay.
19. As long as they do well for themselves, nothing else matters.
20. I know the net is closing around the opposition leaders. But I appeal to all good Malaysians; Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, Muruts and Bajaus to reject Najib in the 14th GE even if the leaders of the opposition are incarcerated in jail.
21. Malaysians!
22. This is your country. You were born here. You grew up here. You led a good life here, earning legitimate income from the work that you do, the services that you provide.
23. Save this, your country, from being ravaged and pillaged by Najib and his greedy kleptocrats.

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