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Friday, June 30, 2017


Someone sent me this;
The leading story in the Times Newspaper today has offered the Malaysian Prime Minister, 1MDB and their admittedly limited group of enthusiastic supporters the perfect opportunity to prove their various denials by putting them to the test in court.
The paper leads with the headline “Supermodel surrenders £6million jewels’ and then introduces the UK public across a full page story to the essentials of the 1MDB theft.
“Gifts are suspected to have been bought with stolen Malaysian funds”, the paper begins detailing the gifts also to Leo DiCaprio, the Picassos and Jho Low’s super yacht. This is all, of course, old news to Malaysian readers of online news, however Malaysians are also aware that the Prime Minister, the fund and his government are all denying any of this is true.
They have accused the United States Department of Justice of being in a ‘political conspiracy’ against Najib and have accused journalists like Sarawak Report of being agitators, spies, collaborators and all the rest.
They even dismiss the detailed 251 page court document showing the exact money trails by which the 1MDB money was stolen by Jho Low, then went into gifts and bank accounts belonging to Najib, his wife and their celebrity contacts, as ‘showing no proof’.
So far it has been Najib and his supporters who have been remarkably unable to produce any evidence to back their far-fetched excuses, compared to the overwhelming and devastating documentation by US and other foreign investigators.
In fact, the replacement AG’s refusal to cooperate, his refusal to investigate and now his pretence that no one has asked him to do either has been a stunning tacit admission of guilt on the part of his de facto boss, Najib.
Today the PM propaganda unit Jasa even blethered that Miranda Kerr should have handed the jewels back to Jho Low on the basis they had not been bought with stolen money…. without providing a shred of evidence, once more, for such a wild claim.

At the end of next month Najib has to find over $600 million to pay IPIC as a first installment of what Malaysia has been forced by court action to admit 1MDB owes. Laughably he pretends he is going to get this from money he pretends still exists in 1MDB’s own bank accounts, even though the combined investigations and court actions of the US and Singapore have demonstrated there isn’t a penny there.
Bankers are serving jail sentences in Singapore having admitted that fact and their own complicity in the thefts.
Malaysians will be treated to a ridiculous farce as Najib will have to raise the money from the Treasury, or taxes or borrowing (or stealing behind the scenes from other public companies and sell offs) and then lie that it is coming from 1MDB.
Unless, of course, he bites the bullet and takes The Times to court for joining the conspiracy of lies. In fact, there are numerous papers he could sue, since they have all covered the case – he can take his pick.
He didn’t do very well in the arbitration process, however, which he plainly lost completely. He would lose in the London Court as well, given he plainly has no evidence to back up nonsense.
So Najib will keep his head down and hope Malaysians will continue to put up with their Thieving Clown Prime Minister.
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