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Friday, June 30, 2017


It was more than “Withdraw and explain yourself”. It went much further than that or anything one could imagine. The Lee brothers are out for good. Lee Hsien Yang is headed for Hong Kong and according to a source close to him eventually to the US with his family. That includes his extended family sans the remaining Lees.
Hsien Yang’s wife Suet Fern it appears has a lot to answer for the rift between brothers. She it is said had been indiscreet, breaching her duties as a fiduciary and as a lawyer to the late Lee Kuan Yew  (at least in respect to the last will and testament of the late Lee Kuan Yew)..
It is no secret that Suet Fern and Ho Ching are quite indifferent to each other and do not get along at a personal level according to observers. There is no love lost it is suggested between the two. Ho Ching is seen as domineering, smart, Machiavellian and manipulative by some accounts.
However it is her stewardship of Tamasek, the state sovereign fund of Singapore that saw it lose over US$65 billion in bad investments in the banking sector that disappointed the late Lee Kuan Yew.
Some say the disappointment of Lee Kuan Yew over the unusually large losses suffered by Tamasek during the Global Financial Crisis damaged his own credibility because of his much publicised and unshakeable belief in eugenics.
The Tamasek failure was the second major let down that proved him wrong on a major issue (eugenics) over which he had a very strong unshakeable belief.
His first daughter in law Wong Ming Yang, the late first wife of Lee Hsien Loong prime minister of Singapore bore him a less than perfect grandson which it is said humiliated Lee and his wife Kwa Geok Choo.
Lee Kuan Yew was relentless on the subject of eugenics and promoting the social theory amongst Singaporeans especially its graduates that graduates should marry graduates to produce what some saw as his attempt to produce a master class of citizens.
That belief he made into a mantra and turned into a political philosophy made the birth of an Albino grandson the product of a highly educated doctor (in Wong Ming Yang) and his double PhD son even harder to bear.
Hsien Loong by all accounts lives in the looming shadow of his revived cancer. As any intelligent and forward thinking person would do, It is said that Ho Ching his wife has made preparations (including for succession) and for any eventuality. After all she is the prime minister’ spouse.
Whether those ‘contingencies’ and preparations include Hsien Yang and his family is the subject of much conjecture. One thing is for certain; whatever the relationship may have been between the Lee siblings, it is now damaged forever and irreparably so.
The law firm Morgan Lewis & Bockius at the head of which as managing partner is Hsien Yang’s wife Suet Fern handled the will of the late Lee Kuan Yew father to both Hsien Loong and Hsien Yang.
That will, in contention today, is said to have been the seventh and final will of the late Lee Kuan Yew. It is also said that the future of the house Lee Kuan Yew lived in all his life at Oxley Road in Singapore and how it is to be disposed of after his death is the subject of the feud between the brothers. Not so. And logically it can’t be so.
The ‘feud’ it appears arises out of Lee Suet Fern’s (Hsien Yang’s wife) failure to distance herself from the business of the will. The firm of which she is managing partner prepared the will according to the instructions of the late Lee Kuan Yew it is said. Suet Fern should have passed on the task of taking instructions on the will and drafting and execution of the will to a firm with no direct connection to herself. She did not according to reports.
Suet Fern is a beneficiary under the Will. Her firm is said to have taken instructions from the late Lee Kuan Yew and given him advise on the Will. Whether the advise was independent advise at the time; or whether Lee Kuan Yew had the mental capacity to make the Will he made and whether the alleged changes that were evident in his seventh and final Will were part of his independent mind is now subject of the dispute between the brothers. Lee Kuan Yew was frail and 93 years old. More important is a possible breach of the witness beneficiary rule by Suet Fern.
In any event the matter of the Lee House is a state matter as much as it is a private family matter. The children all being adults were not dependants of the late Lee Kuan Yew at the time of his passing. There is meant to be a life estate in the Lee Kuan Yew house at Oxley Road bequeathed to his daughter Lee Wei Ling upon his death.
The OTPOR method of creating and exploiting disruptions in a target country requires a fracture in the heart of the nation’s soul. In Singapore’s case it is not allegations of theft or corruption even if these vices existed. This is  because the Singaporeans under the late Lee Kuan Yew have crafted for themselves an image of the Lee Singapore as being an incorruptible meritocracy which will endure under the Lee leadership well into the future.
The Lees were unlikely ever to investigate themselves. It was unthinkable under Lee Kuan Yew. That’s clearly not the case  today. The Lees are slashing their wrists very openly in public and airing their dirty laundry. But whether that great chasm now opening up under them will swallow them up and be the undoing of the Lee Kuan Yew’s  Singapore is yet to be seen.
Division and internal conflict is now a real possibility. Being the centre of the open societies foundation activities destabilising south east Asia on behalf of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Singapore and the feuding Lees appear to be their own catalyst for ‘pro democracy’ agitation sponsored by the NED and the open societies foundation in Singapore.
The next best and most effective strike for OTPOR is for their local supporters to attack the family and its perceived absence of integrity opened up by the feuding Lees.
OTPOR has created that chasm and will nurture and help it grow within Singapore as it has elsewhere. That’s how regime change has always worked. The reputation of the first family is now forever tainted. The integrity of Singapore’s integrity and its image as honest and clean is forever damaged.
Whatever else that could or may have occurred during the time of the late Lee Kuan Yew could see the light of day now that he is gone and his descendants and successors at war tainted by the mess of his last will.
Lee Hsien Loong is known to have objected to Singapore becoming embroiled in a fight between the Neocons and Malaysia. The so called Singaporean bank investigations into 1MDB at the request of the US DoJ demanding Singapore examine transactions between 1 MDB and third parties has weakened Singapore’s relations with its neighbours.
It would have been suicidal for Singapore to have engaged in such an investigation officially and so publicly, considering that for Singapore, much of its externally generated revenues is earned from the provision of discreet, secret and anonymous bank services to its clients no questions asked.
A single betrayal of the secrecy and anonymity provisions in their banking system would see a rush on deposits currently held in Singapore banks to a number of other secret banking jurisdictions. The damage to their economy would be irreparably harmed
There is yet much more information to be thrown up from the fight between Hsien Yang, his wife Suet Fern and Hsien Loong and his wife Ho Ching. One thing is for sure and that is that the knives are out and the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and its acolytes in the region especially its Trojans in the Evangelical churches are baying for blood and a more “democratic” reform in government without the imprimatur of the Lee family dynasty all over their lives.
It is yet to be seen how strong Hsien Loong and Ho Ching are and how they will deal with dissent from within.
Dealing with the communist threat of the 1950’s and 1960’s was a completely different exercise in politics to dealing with Evangelicals and the open society’s foundation who are institutions funded by friends.
With friends like these who needs enemies?
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