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10 APRIL 2024

Friday, June 30, 2017

Which part of DOJ suit that Hadi does not understand?

YOURSAY | ‘Surely there cannot be so many stupid people who are leaders in this country.’
Aries46: 1MDB monies allegedly laundered in the US is a crime there and it is their prerogative to act as deemed fit. This, too, has been the SOP (standard operating procedure) in Switzerland, Singapore, UK and others where 1MDB-related crimes were allegedly committed.
But in Malaysia, the alleged crime scene, the Umno/BN regime in its effort to keep it covered, denies any wrongdoing and accuses the US of conspiracy and interference in its internal affairs.
Malaysians, and Malays in particular, are led to believe that the US, colluding with the local opposition, conspires to destroy our Malay/Muslim governance.
This is despite the fact that 1MDB accounts are in question since 2014 and all reports on the probe are sealed under the Official Secrets Act (OSA).
Thus, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is merely aping his Umno masters in his recent claims of “foreign intervention” intended merely to hoodwink his party grassroots.
It is indeed a tragedy how the naive are fed with lies and deceit to perpetuate an alleged crime that has had serious financial consequences on the nation and the livelihood of its people.
Hibiscus: Surely there cannot be so many stupid people who are leaders in this country. Surely leaders such as Hadi, Umno minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan and others are not stupid.
Therefore, one can only conclude their deceptive rhetoric are meant to be printed in the mainstream media for the consumption of the rural folks, for that is where the real voting power is.
Indeed, these people are smart, cunning and sly.
Just a Malaysian: Which part of the US Department of Justice (DOJ) statement that Hadi does not understand?
The US has provided enough evidence in its bid to seize the listed assets and we are not challenging them at all. If this is not "guilt", then I am not sure what is.
Some act stupid to avoid having to explain the issue. Some claim victimisation. The bottom line is they are not that stupid and not able to see through this issue.
Godfearing: There is one sure way to resolve the issue. Just set up a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to clear the 'good name' of 1MDB once and for all.
Does the government have the gumption to get it done? Obviously not. Only intelligent people know why. 
The problem is not just there is an elephant in the room, but these people are too blind to notice it. If they can't or don't want to see the elephant, it becomes a double jeopardy. May God help us.
SusahKes: Unfortunately, the adage “as long as a sucker's born every minute, we're in business” applies in the fairy-tale land of 1Malaysia’s Bolehland.
Just look at the number of simpletons who continue to defend the indefensible and you know what I mean.
Anonymous 2415891461978791: The most hilarious remarks by Umno apologists are those that seem to think that Malaysian law is the norm internationally.
So, they demand to know "who filed the police report" with DOJ, supposing perhaps that MP Tony Pua or activist Maria Chin strolled into a Federal Bureau of Investigation office and got the ball rolling by crying "stop thief!" to some FBI clerk.
Politician: Of late, BN leaders and cabinet ministers have attempted to discredit the DOJ's allegation that money had been misappropriated from 1MDB, while some had claimed that the lawsuit was an attempt to undermine the country's sovereignty.
Really, don't these same idiots see the bigger picture where Malaysia's sovereignty is slowly being compromised by our marriage of convenience in many areas with China? Haven't they read about what happened in Sri Lanka and Pakistan as a result of their selling out to China?
As Kuala Terengganu MP Raja Kamarul Bahrin Shah Raja Ahmad aptly said, many countries have investigated and taken action against the banks and individuals who have direct or indirect association with 1MDB.
When others take action and we don't, it only makes the authorities in Malaysia look like fools.
Anonymous 706151436780066: Rational people sit up and take notice of valid and well-substantiated criticisms. Foolish and dishonest people attack and disparage critics and attribute all manner of sinister motives to them.
Malaysia has run down DOJ when it isn't even a direct subject of the complaint. It sounds like a serious case of guilty conscience.
Enggang: When nothing else works to discredit the DOJ suits, these BN sycophants have to resort to the religious and nationalistic rationale to deny their wrongdoing. How long can it last?
Eventually, the truth will emerge and falsehood vanish as expounded in the Muslim holy book (17:81).
Hang Babeuf: "Is the whole world out to topple BN?" Yes, that is the situation. The whole world is wrong, only Malaysia understands, only Malaysia is right. The whole world is united against the truth, of which Malaysia alone is the custodian.
The world is like a vast military parade of nations, in which everybody else is "out of step", and only Malaysia is marching on the right foot.
Anonymous_1421806811: When is Malaysia going to recall its ambassadors from the countries that are trying to topple the BN government?

These countries are trying their best to return stolen money to the rakyat but the government claims nothing is stolen. So please break off diplomatic relationships with these evil and lying countries.- Mkini

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