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Saturday, October 29, 2022

Showdown In Iran - "Knock Off The Mullahs' Turban" Starts In Iran. IRGC Threatens To End Protests,

 The protests in Iran are not going down. Instead protesters are now upping the ante. Youngsters are going up to the mullahs and knocking off their turbans from their heads. See the video below. I have said this before folks - the mullahs in Iran will be chased down the streets by the Iranian people and they will even end up hanging from the lamp posts. This knocking off the mullahs' turbans is just the beginning.


And here is the second biggest mistake the mullahs are making. They got the Islamic Republican Guards commander to issue a threat that today shall be the last day of the protests in Iran. There are 85 million people in Iran and a huge majority of them do not like the mullahs. The mullahs days are numbered.

If they start shooting the protesters, the violence will only escalate. The regular Army will possibly revolt against the Islamic Republican Guards and against the mullahs.

This is just the beginning of the end for the mullahs.


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