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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, October 29, 2022

YOURSAY | Hold Ismail Sabri accountable for what he says


YOURSAY | ‘Thomas was hated simply because he was daring enough to prosecute Najib.’

COMMENT | Ismail should be probed over ‘bullets’ statement

Man on the Silver Mountain: It is typical of Umno politics. It is based on perception, not substance. It is based on nuance, not actual deed, and logic.

They have to employ this political strategy because they have nothing concrete to show for it. They do not have data or analysis. Most of the things they promised and did were just perceptions.

The reason was simple - it would give them leeway, much leeway, to not follow the rule of law. Thus, we can see the result - wholescale corruption. This mentality is being applied to ex-attorney-general Tommy Thomas' problem.

It is much ado about nothing. Thomas was hated simply because, as the attorney-general, he was daring enough to prosecute the former prime minister, Najib Abdul Razak, of wrongdoing and corruption. Najib was found guilty, but this kind of prosecution was never done before.

And we can understand why they hated him for this. What caretaker prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob was doing and the hidden hands that made him do it, was to shoot the sheriff who was merely doing his job (as a sheriff).

Big guns were involved. They had the power and they fought back to protect whatever crime they had committed. If you are charged and brought to trial, why complain? You can always defend yourself.


Najib, on record, had asked for a trial so that he could exonerate himself. Of course, he couldn’t and lost the case, but nobody can say that he was not given the chance to defend himself.

He had the best team of lawyers that money could buy. He was given many court days to prepare and execute his defence. He could bring any witnesses to defend him if he wanted to. They had the money. Legal fees were not the problem. What else did they want?

Let the truth, the book, speak for itself. It has become obvious that Ismail Sabri and BN have made use of it as a political weapon, thus rendering all that investigation as politically self-serving and biased.

If anybody could interfere with the judiciary, it is clear Ismail Sabri's action in forming the special task force to investigate Thomas’ book, ‘My Story: Justice in Wilderness’ was one.

Malaysiakini columnist P Gunasegaram is right in the sense that probably nobody among Umno's supporters really understands this issue and therefore, disparaging Thomas is a feel-good factor in a racially-whipped strategy that they are constantly using for political expediency.

MS: Anything and everything Ismail Sabri says is invariably directed at his audience of semi-literates whose steady diet of lies and half-truths feeds their need for a non-Malay villain.

Since it is an audience which is incapable of questioning and congenitally devoid of rational thought, third-rate politicians like Ismail Sabri are both nourished and emboldened by them.

This is also why they invariably handpick these constituencies to emerge as one-eyed leaders.

Just a Malaysian: Ismail Sabri had a chance to cleanse Umno and restore dignity and honour to Umno and the Malay race. He started pretty honestly and his initial simple, non-combative style was refreshing.

But slowly, with the lure of power, the threat of losing the highest post and failure to stand up for good principles, Ismail Sabri moved to the dark side. He picks up Umno political playbook 101 and seeks a non-Malay to focus Malay anger on.

But Ismail Sabri, unlike former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is not able to do it intelligently and looks stupid and illogical in many of his arguments.

Malays would be blind to pick such a person to lead this land. our beloved country will slide deeper into the dumps.

Apanama is Back: Probe Ismail Sabri? It is not in our culture to do so. This is the reason why he could say it in public, boldly and in a boisterous manner. Remember Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's speech at the MIC annual general meeting?

It was another bold and boisterous statement. Gunasegaram, you and I can't do anything. We are helpless.

By the way, we can do something here. Vote wisely. Save energy so that we can ‘pangkah’ (cross) them out!

Uragt: The prime minister and all MPs should be fixing the problems revealed by Thomas (and primary school teacher Mohd Fadli Mohamed Salleh), not covering them up.

MPs are collectively responsible for the nation and economy, not just in Pekan. Preventing any scandalous or criminal activities, particularly by fellow MPs, would be a good start.

Quigonbond: I don't know why Pakatan Harapan does not don't want to wade into this fight.

Did they not tacitly agree with Thomas to be appointed as attorney-general? Better to support him rather than to let public opinion be swayed by a partisan attack, especially if the special task force's findings are just political bullets.

Vgeorgemy: Ismail Sabri is threatening the minority communities by saying no one should aspire to any top government posts. If anyone does, they will make them suffer.

Such heinous tactics won’t work in this era. Umno has to accept diversity in the public sphere and live with it. Hundreds of Thomas’ will emerge to question Umno’s anti-minority stand. - Mkini

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