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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The joke is actually on ‘Kit Siang racist’ contest organisers

YOURSAY | ‘An award by the truthless to the clueless, talentless, faceless and gutless.’
Existential Turd: In other countries, journalists are awarded for telling the truth. In Malaysia, journalists are awarded for telling lies.
If you don't dare to show your face at the award ceremony, that means either you do not respect the award, or you are ashamed of the prize. Concern for safety is just an excuse.
People do not need incentives to document the litany of seemingly racist remarks from Umno and PAS. People would gladly do that for free.
Wasn't the top prize RM50,000? So where’s the other RM40,000?
Clever Voter: Clearly Umno information chief Annuar Musa and his self-serving party are desperate. By 'awarding and recognising' lies, they showed immaturity and stupidity. But such an act also reflects an all-time low in the moral standards of Umno.
While many understand the desperate position of Umno, it is highly irresponsible and incapable of telling wrong from right. The fact that Umno rewards such behaviour tells you a lot about a political party that is morally bankrupt.
Opposition parties are unlikely to do a tit-for-tat as they have the class, dignity and integrity. Simply put, it’s counter-productive. After all, the establishment practices double standards in everything they do.
Kangkung: If someone were to organise a competition to write about Malaysian Official 1 (MO1), Umno leaders would foam at the mouth and scream their heads off.
Worried Sick: Do you think Malaysians are stupid? You hold competitions of this type and award the prize money to yourselves (because you do not tell who actually won and what the winners wrote to deserve the prize).
How Annuar Musa can be a political leader organising this type of competitions is beyond belief. No wonder, he pulled out from the race for the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) chief. He would have got only one vote (his own).
My advice to Annuar Musa - please grow up. DAP’s Lim Kit Siang is not a man to be trifled with. He has served his country with distinction. Malaysians know that.
He may not have been given any awards, but the hearts of patriotic Malaysians of no matter what race, will always be with him.
JusticeNow!: The fact that there is such a nonsensical and utterly racist contest speaks loudly about the organisers. The real racists are the organisers and those present at the ceremony.
Their mindset is so infused with propaganda and racism that they could no longer see truth from lies. They thought that their cheapskate gimmick will score points, but they failed to realise that the joke and shame is actually on themselves.
Appum: We urge racial and religious unity among the different races of Malaysians and it is sad to see that the leaders of the ruling party do such things that can generate greater division and hatred among the people.
Yes, politicians want to hold on to power and continue to rule, but gentleman politicians don't do such things in causing ethnic antagonism.
Hasn't this Umno leader any more creative and positive ideas to engage the opposition? What is his agenda and motives?
He thinks he is so unique and intelligent to carry out such a gimmick? This is the most disgusting way a supposedly matured politician can do. Sad too that his colleagues and top boss don't come in to stop such nonsense.
For any step forward in national unity, we now take 60 steps backwards in race relations (leaders have been promoting racial harmony and national unity since 1957). Annuar has opened the floodgates of crass racial politics, so is it a free-for-all now?
Restless: Of course, there are legal concerns when what is written are all lies created out of an imaginary situation with repeated propagation into the minds of the Malays, to the extent it becomes a prejudice if not truth to the shallow-minded.
That’s why the authors prefer to remain anonymous and dare not make an appearance to collect their awards. This is what we call cowards and this is precisely how cowards behave.
Pemerhati: Umno and all its leaders make it a point to proudly proclaim the slogan ‘Untuk bangsa, agama dan negara’ at every given opportunity and the Umno-led government blatantly and unashamedly practices discrimination against the non-Malays.
The DAP, on the other hand, is known for wanting a country where all the citizens are treated fairly and equally and says that it would like to see a ‘Malaysian Malaysia’.
It is thus absolutely mind-boggling, unbelievable and ridiculous for an Umno leader like Annuar Musa, whose party is almost as vile as universally condemned former South African regime, to suggest that a leader of DAP like Lim Kit Siang is racist simply because he and his party want all Malaysians to be treated fairly and equally and see an end to the discriminatory system put in place by Umno and because he highlights the alleged massive corruption by the Umno leaders and people like MO1.
Justice: A member of a racial political party calling those whose political party is multiracial a racist? What type of brain is this?
Hopeful123: This will open the eyes of the Malays even more to the realities happening in Malaysia. With the DAP state government giving out a fair deal to Malay small-time contractors and making lives better for them, how can anyone say that DAP is practicing racism?
No one in his proper frame of mind will ever think that the Malays forming more than 60% of the population will be sidelined if the opposition wins the next GE.
They can always change the government at the general election if it is found to be incompetent and unfair.
Dean Johns: This is an award by the truthless (his friends donated the prize money? Rubbish) to the clueless, brainless, talentless, faceless and gutless. Typical BN effort.

HaveAGreatDay: The fact that such an allegedly unsavoury character like blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) can win two prizes show us what sort of award this is.- Mkini

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