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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Part 2 : The Muslim Brotherhood's Long Term Plan To Take Over Malaysia, Indonesia . .

Then on page 99, Youssef Nada says

  • In Malaysia the Brotherhood is banned but exists in another guise. 
  • In Indonesia they are in power, inside the goverment, and they have a political party, but not in the name of the Brotherhood

Last week there was this shocking news.  It looks like there are "many" Muslim Brotherhood (aka Ikhwan Muslimin) Members  of Parliament from Egypt living in exile in Malaysia. 

And the Brader's daughter Nurul Izzah just introduced FOUR of them to the public at our Parliament House. 

Nurul Izzah says these folks are "contributing to the Malaysian economy".   Plus she says  "I think we are richer in terms of that".

Here is the story :

Introducing Brothers Falafel, Taboola, Kus-Kus, Hummus 
and one tiny Lepat Pisang

Nurul Izzah and Nik Nazmi  support for ousted Morsi 

Nurul said “many (Brotherhood) MPs living in Malaysia 
teaching, contributing to Malaysian economy 
I think we are richer in terms of that

to remind M'sians about coup (against Morsi) 
(Brotherhood MPs) to collaborate with Inter Parliamentary Union

MP Nik Nazmi echoed same sentiment 
appeared alongside 4 exiled Muslim Brotherhood MPs from Egypt

Nurul invited (Muslim Brotherhood) MPs to give speech
(they) congratulated M'sia for releasing “Dr Anwar"

My comments :  I say Dato Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchai, what have you been doing?  Has the Special Branch changed their motto to "sokong membawa rebah"? 

Do you all recall some months ago I said that I will be reviewing this book :

This book is a biography of Youssef Nada the chief banker and strategist of the Muslim Brotherhood or Ikhwan Muslimin which was founded in Egypt by Hassan al Banna.   I will be talking more about this in a while. 

The Muslim Brotherhood organisation is banned as a terrorist organisation in Egypt and in most of the Arab world including Saudi Arabia.  

I dont know how Saudi Arabia and Egypt will react to Nurul Izzah inviting ex MPs from the Muslim Brotherhood into our Parliament House. I did not vote for these ex Muslim Brotherhood MPs to be invited into our Parliament. 

Just exactly what have they done to be honored with an invitation to our Parliament?

This Blog has over 47 million viewers - meaning this Blog influences plenty of public opinion.  I have been writing, publishing, lecturing, blogging and campaigning for years against all the crooks in the land and yet no one has invited me to Parliament.  Instead Falafel and Taboola get honorary invites.

The Muslim Brotherhood only claims to dislike violence but they did not shy away from violence and terrorism to achieve their objectives - a global caliphate.  

Do not forget  that the Muslim Brotherhood aka Ikhwan Muslimin in Egypt was behind the assassination of Nobel Peace Prize winner Anwar Sadat because Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel. They killed their president  for signing a peace treaty. 

"Non violence" is also the Muslim Brotherhood's double talk.  The Muslim Brotherhood is an international octopus with tentacles reaching all over the Muslim world.  

The Muslim Brotherhood played a large part behind the violent uprisings in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Palestine and other arab countries. Hamas in Gaza is a Brotherhood operation (as opposed to Fatah in the West Bank which is not). The Muslim Brotherhood is also embroiled in the Qatar situation - where Qatar has been blockaded by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Council.

The Muslim Brotherhood is closely watched in Egypt, its place of birth - where they are not strong enough to fight the Egyptian government. Hence they gave up violence in Egypt - it is just a strategic retreat. But that is not the case in other countries where the Brotherhood operates. 

And there is something else that has happened. Although the Muslim Brotherhood says they dislike violence they have given birth to other radical extremists who have embraced violence. 

For example Abu Bakar Baghdadi the leader of the insane ISIS was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood aka Ikhwan Muslimin.

Here is some info about Abu Bakar Baghdadi's family's links to the Muslim Brotherhood :  "While in graduate school at Iraq’s Saddam University for Islamic Studies, al-Baghdadi joined the Brotherhood at the behest of his paternal uncle, Ismail al-Badri. Al-Baghdadi’s older brother, Jum’a, also belonged to the Brotherhood."

Then Ayman al Zawahiri the current leader of Al Qaeda (and successor to Osama bin Ladin) was also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood aka Ikhwan Muslimin. 

Just FOUR months ago in March 2018,  Ayman Zawahiri released a video defending the Muslim Brotherhood : 

Osama bin Ladin himself had links with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here is a useful article that you can read which details the links between the Muslim Brotherhood (the parent octopus) and its "spiritual" offshoots like Al Qaeda, ISIS and other jihadi groups.

All these radical extremist movements believe in the global caliphate.  Whether Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hizbut Tahrir, Sippahi Sahaba (Pakistan) they all believe in the global caliphate. This is their eternal wet dream. This is what keeps them going.

My view is the Muslim Brotherhood has learnt to outsource violence. 

In the Middle East the Muslim Brotherhood is a huge octopus.  Here is some info on the Brotherhood's tentacles in the Middle East :

Ikhwan Muslimin / Muslim Brotherhood Presence In Middle East
  • Morocco - ruling party
  • Turkey - ruling party
  • Tunisia - Ennahda ruling alliance
  • Algeria - main opposition
  • Qatar - strong influence
  • Bahrain - MPs in Parliament

The Muslim Brotherhood helped finance Erdogan's AKP Party in their early years. Now since Erdogan is in power he has to return the favour.  This has greater significance for us in Malaysia than you might think. I hope Ayub Khan and his boys at Bukit Aman are reading this.

Yes Morsi was elected to the presidency of Egypt. So why did the Egyptians turn against him within twelve months? 

In 2013 millions  gathered in the streets of not just Cairo but all over Egypt demanding that Morsi resign.  Over 14 million Egyptians signed a petition demanding that Morsi resign. Why? Do read on.

I noticed some similarity between Morsi and Erdogan. After coming to power Morsi dismissed almost the entire Egyptian judiciary, consisting of over 3000 judges and judicial staff at all levels.  

I think that was a first step to replacing them with shariah judges, which Morsi would have done in due time. It was a backdoor method of introducing the shariah.

Keep this in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood's aim is a global caliphate. Shariah is a prerequisite.

In Turkey, using the 2016 coup attempt as an excuse Erdogan has also fired thousands of Civil Servants including judges. And Erdogan also has dreams of becoming a modern day Ottoman caliph.

Here is an interesting link which talks about why the Egyptian people got fed up with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood so quickly :  https://www.quora.com/What-did-Morsi-do-which-angered-people-in-Egypt. 

What is my view? In my view they are all dumb sh_ts. 

Whether it is a Morsi, a Sisi, an Erdogan or a Salman they are all ass-untas (not Assunta Hospital ok). From Myanmar all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, these tribal monkeys are plenty screwed up. They are not fully civilised yet. Just leave them alone.  We do not need them in this country.

Ok here is the review of that biography of Youssef Nada the Muslim Brotherhood's banker and strategist. This is a very short review. Its a dumb book about some dumb folks (you can mispronounce it if you wish).

First here is a picture just after page 148 :

That is Anwar Ibrahim with a teenaged Nurul Izzah on the right. The  lower line says : "With Anwar Ibrahim and the Malaysian opposition leader's family in 1995. In 2012 Anwar Ibrahim was consulting Youssef Nada about an upcoming "Malaysian Spring".

What ? 

'In 2012 Anwar Ibrahim was consulting Youssef Nada about an upcoming Malaysian Spring' ??    

Is that so?

I say dunggus, ini bukan saya cakap tau. 
Ini itu Muslim Brotherhood punya big boss sendiri cakap. 
Pi baca buku dia, picture just after page 148.

Jadi sekarang soalannya, how is this different from that ugly porky look alike from that Research Department who wrote that treasonous letter to the CIA ? Apa beza sangat?

But wait. The wanita gemuk has not sung yet. Here is something even more interesting. 

On page 95 Youssef Nada says :  "Politics in the Middle East is all secrets, but the Muslim Brotherhood are everywhere in the world. It is not a membership, it is a way of thinking."

They keep their true intentions secret. 
It is not a membership.
It is a way of thinking.
Banyak cantik.

Then on page 99, Youssef Nada says

  • In Malaysia the Brotherhood is banned but exists in another guise. 

  • In Indonesia they are in power, inside the goverment, and they have a political party, but not in the name of the Brotherhood

In Malaysia the Muslim Brotherhood exists in another guise?? 

And pray tell just exactly which guise is that? 

They say fortune favours the bold. I dont know about that. 

But let me tell you this : misfortune certainly favours the fools.

If you (ALL OF YOU Malaysians) want to be foolish and allow all this  trash into our country, then sooner rather than later misfortune will slap you silly.  This is a certainty.

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