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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Yoursay: New Malaysia must speak out against old racism

YOURSAY | ‘What Malay-Muslim rights have they lost so far?’
Vijay47: In centuries to come as they sieve through the remnants of what may have been a nation, historians will refuse to believe that there once could actually have been a community so devoid of self-respect and pride, so lacking in confidence or ability, that despite all the perpetual advantages and crutches lavishly granted, it could only blame and accuse others for its own weaknesses, failures, and miserable lifestyle.
Even on issues of faith, it for some unknown reasons sees great discomfort and alarm that non-Muslims seem to freely find joy and fulfilment in their worship and communion with their God while it itself needs to be whipped and threatened with earthly punishment to adhere to the dictates of its own religion.
For their part, the non-Muslims and non-Malays wonder in terror whether they have indeed fallen prey to a ruse to employ their strength and support so that fanatics and bigots could win to wield unrestricted power.
Former Umno minister and Bersatu member Rais Yatim has not changed his mode, he is merely reverting to his true self now bolstered by the unexpected scale of the Pakatan Harapan victory.
We even wonder whether PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not a surreptitious part of that strategy. How radically different Rais Yatim’s two faces are, benign before May 9, malevolent when triumph was achieved. Even yearning for better education is somehow taken by him as a challenge to national vision!
Inconceivably, factions within the Muslims view condemnation of an alleged criminal as an attack on Islam, refusing to recognise that the alleged criminal’s only attribute is the skill with which he offends non-Muslims.
We fear that for things to change, it would first have to be a cold day in hell.
Anonnimous: Imagine for a moment these 1,000 protesters in one-fifth of an Olympic sized swimming pool which, so it's been calculated, could actually hold 4,980 standing people.
Now imagine zooming-out above that pool to view the rest of the country with all its villages, towns cities and borders. Now let's pull out even further and think about all the Malaysians around our globe. Tens of millions of Malaysians!
How many of those didn't attend this Malay-Muslim rights rally and don't agree with these protesters? In other words, let’s keep this in perspective and don't mistake the media coverage for the size of opinion.
The Malays are not stupid and many know within their hearts what is right and wrong. They also understand the very obvious reason why Rais is now speaking like a woman scorned.
It is down to those in power to win the hearts and minds of others. Attacking them is not the answer, although the government could be seen to be doing more to counter this sort of rhetoric.
Speechless: Indeed, what rights have they lost so far? Their paranoia is incredible. The country is trying to move forward and these people are fighting their imaginary demons.
Speaking Sense: It seems there is still no cure for the cancer of religion, racism and bigotry. You can’t get it out of your system even though you are an old man like the one who flits from Umno to Bersatu or PAS, wherever the poison is, the attraction is there for such people.
So new Malaysia, new Malays, new Chinese, new Indians, new Dayaks, new Kadazans, etc - remember this just makes us all new Malaysians. Together, we can consign the likes of Rais Yatim and his cancer to history.
Sulaiman Che Long: Impotency, frustration, fear of imagined loss and marginalisation may lead to radicalisation. If you add a Zakir Naik to the combustible mix, we'll have a fire.
The big lie of ‘ketuanan Melayu’ has reduced a large number of Malays to be uncompetitive. They are unemployable even to Malay companies. Many politically-connected become rich.
Many followed Mahathir’s path to be middlemen, renting licences and collusion to sap the government by signing guaranteed profits in otherwise government-compensated type of agreements. But these riches are illusion. It won’t last more than a generation.
The main architect of this grand design which destroyed the Malay race is none other than ‘Machiavelli’ Mahathir. His premise in the ‘Malay Dilemma’ is Malays are genetically inferior.
Just imagine in modern-day education, the primary school teacher goes around daily and telling young impressionable minds that "you are stupid, you are lazy, you are inferior", day in day out. How will the children turn out?
Why would an enlightened society tolerate such evil teaching and evil brainwashing? Why can’t the Malays tell Mahathir off? And get out of this eternal damnation and curse? Would any Malay parents of children in international school take that?
Revolusi Mental 2.0 is needed. Look to PKR leader Rafizi Ramli for inspiration.
RR: I fully agree with Sulaiman Che Long. No race is born stupid. With opportunity and training, any race can excel.
Mahathir must correct himself that Malays are genetically inferior. Look at the Malay kampung boys who had overseas training in a competitive environment, they have excelled very well.
So allow meritocracy and egalitarianism to save the nation, especially for the good of the future Malay generations.
The Wakandan: As long as politics in this country is based on race and religion, we will never move forward. We will be condemned to stagnation.
Countries like Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and even Indonesia that started at the same time as us have moved forward by leaps and bounds. And look at them now where they have surpassed Malaysia so much; it was unthinkable in the 80s that we could have lagged this much behind them.
We must not forget the vision of our forefathers when they achieved independence - that every soul in Malaysia would find their dignity in a new nation born out from the shackles of colonialism.
If we are still being obsessed with race and religion instead of being Malaysians, we will never be free and hence, cannot move forward. We will instead be shackled and bogged down in an endless strife of racism and bigotry.
Anonymous_1527658987: Let them have their right to peaceful demonstration. After all, this is the new Malaysia. But we have to do a better job of countering their hateful, racist rant. For if we don’t, this will undermine our new Malaysia.
It is complicated, and it needs skilful operators. I’m not sure if there are enough of them in Harapan. Definitely there are some, but how many?
Quo Vadis: Affirmation action is legitimate always for the disadvantaged, not for the majority who have control over all the structural institutions of governance, yet claim to be disadvantaged after 60 years of being in power.
The minority don't owe the overwhelming majority a living. Utmost irrationality from the past infecting, contaminating trying to nullify, to defy the hope for the future brought in by regime change just a couple of months ago.
It is critical time for the clear-minded, the enlightened without private agenda to come out, be vocal to sustain the changes being put in place, to stem the poison being spread without let. -Mkini

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