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Saturday, February 29, 2020

A "mungkin" and a new PM8? What went wrong? PH did not listen to the people.

Ok the King has said it. But there is a 'mungkin' in the Kings statement. 

Looks like the fat lady cannot sing yet. As one of the comments has said, sit back and watch what happens next.

At this point in time there is no certainty that the new government can survive. 

Lets see. There is many a slip between the cup and the lip.

The Chinese community may or will support Muhyiddin as PM if Wee Ka Siong is indeed appointed Finance Minister. It will create confidence in the business community. But who knows ? Wee Ka Siong could be another Lim Guan Eng. 

The past FIVE by elections were nuclear explosions, especially Tanjong Piai where PH lost by over 15,000 votes. But the PH never listened. Dr Mahathir never listened. 

Can anyone recall when I started criticising Dr Mahathir and the PH government? I cant recall because my posts disappear (ha ha ha). But it was more than a year ago.

Dr Mahathir and Tun Daim especially should have taken note.  
When even your No. 1 supporter starts to criticise you, clearly there was something terribly wrong. 

Well dear Sirs, 'I TOLD YOU SO'.
It serves you right. You brought this upon yourselves.

My last meeting with 'them' was on March 12th, 2019. Almost a year ago. Kadir Jasin was also there. I did lose my cool at that meeting and forcefully expressed my unhappiness with the PH government.  I have not been invited anymore since then.

Yes there is still a possibility that Dr Mahathir can come back to power. As I said we have to see if this new government will survive. Tan Sri Muhyiddin is a good man at heart. I know him well.  But he does not exude the confidence that is needed. Whether his government will last is yet to be seen.

Whatever the case - Dr Mahathir's management of the country has been disastrous. This is not the way to manage the country. This is not the 1970s or 1980s. 

If only the PH had implemented the Manifesto.
Or even parts of the Manifesto.
Or worst case - they should have tried their best to implement the Manifesto.

The handling of the toll roads was plain incompetence. 
The tolls should have been fully abolished.

The abolishment of the Sedition Act was pulled back - after having announced it would be abolished.

Other needed changes in the laws were not even initiated.

The needed changes in the economy were not made. 
The BN appointed monopolies were not unwound. 
There was no removal of the banking oligopolies. 
There was no liberalisation of the financial system. 

Then there was all that useless race and religion hetoric.
Providing sanctuary to that terrorist mentor from India was a disaster.
It just created unnecessary hate in the country. 

And what did this lead to?

It led to the losses in FIVE By Elections. 
Especially Tg Piai. 
Tg Piai was a real shocker.

Dr Mahathir and the PH had lost the support of the people.

And what did these FIVE By Election losses lead to?

They led to Dr Mahathir and the PH losing the respect and trust of the other coalition partners and also the other political parties. 

All the political parties saw that Dr Mahathir  had lost the peoples' support.
They saw that Dr Mahathir had made himself weak. 
They saw that Dr Mahathir had made the PH weak. 

That is why you have come to this predicament.

Let this be a lesson. Even if it is too late.

Listen to the people. 
Always listen to the people.
Listen to Syed Akbar Ali too. 

If there is a chance for Dr Mahathir to come back to power please implement the PH Manifesto to the maximum extent possible.

Care for the people first. 

Remember - People First.

Cronies, big business, political cliques, power brokers all last.

Strengthen your position with the people.
All the people.
You will never lose power.

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