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Friday, February 28, 2020

So Who Coup d'Etaed Whom?

I sussed out the following :
  • coup by PH brought down 20-month PH govt has failed
  • Everyone wants to know why it happened in the first place?
  • PH came to power with a strong majority in Parliament 
  • strong mandate for PH for full five-year term until 2023
  • resignation of Dr M 
  • What were coup plotters up to 

My comments :

Until last Saturday everything was normal in the country.
The economy was still crashing. 
Joblessness was still increasing.
The Ringgit was still crashing (it is now RM4.25 to the US$).
The Stock Market was still diving.
Businesses were still shutting down.
It was just another day since the PH took over.

Then suddenly things went  cuckoo.  

Here is a chronology of what happened by Malay Mail :

So on Feb 23 Bersatu, UMNO and GPS were already holding separate meetings. Why? To change the government lah. This was already the plot. 

This is weird : Bersatu, Umno, PAS, Warisan, Azmin met the Agong !! 
So many people involved. 
What kind of a plot was that? 
Everyone would have known about it, including Dr Mahathir.

Then on the same night Azmin hosted that dinner at the PJ Sheraton.  
Dr Mahathir was invited but he did not attend.

Next day Feb 24th Anwar, Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Wan Azizah met Dr M. 
The hot topic was the Sheraton dinner featuring Azmin and the Bad Guys.
This is where they all (including Dr M) said, 'We are all surprised. This is a plot that we did not know about'.
The bad boys were Azmin and Muhyiddin. 
Everyone said so.
DAP went to town with it.
Syed Akbar Ali received a phone call from an ex Cabinet Minister saying the same thing. Which was then duly posted. Azmin and Muhyiddin were the bad boys.

Then Dr M announced he quits as PM. 
This is still February 24th 2020.
Then Agong reappoints Dr M as Prime Minister.

Then shazaam ala ka zaam, on 27th Feb Bersatu joins forces with UMNO/PAS to form a new state government in Johor.  The change was so smooth. It does not look like a plot at all.   

On the same day 27th Feb 2020 Dr M comes back as PPBM chairman.

By now PKR, DAP and Amanah regroup and start pointing fingers at Dr M.

Now the bad boy is Dr Mahathir.

Folks, the coup plotters were Azmin and Muhyiddin. 
But have they been punished? 
Because look at the havoc that has been caused.
  • Dr Mahathir has resigned as the PM.
  • Well he has been reappointed.
  • The Pakatan Harapan has collapsed (well it has come back minus Bersatu).
  • The Cabinet has been fired.
  • PH has lost the Johor State government.
  • Three more states are at risk now - Kedah, Perak and Selangor??
  • Plus the PH is at serious risk of losing EVERYTHING if there is a snap election.
Has anyone been punished?

Azmin has since been kicked out of PKR. 
But today we have this :

Wow !! Azmin and gang received their membership from Tun Dr Mahathir himself.
So the coup plotter has been rewarded.

What about the other plotter Muhyiddin?
Does he not deserve to be punished?
Instead it has been suggested that Muhyiddin can be the next PM.

So both the coup plotters Azmin and Muhyiddin have been rewarded.

So it was a coup without bad guys?

Who has actually been coup d'etaed? 
Siapa yang kena coup sebenarnya?

Wayang tinggi. 

I think this is all a waste of time. 

Just send Bugis, Witchy Poo, Java Man, Tengku Mamak, Bitten By Rabid Dog lawyer and about 50 others to jail. Do this asap. It is taking too damned long.

Get back the stolen billions. 
Including from Cow Mama.

Then reformulate UMNO and talk sense into them. Change.
Then work together to move the nation forward. 

Implement that Manifesto.

Apa susah sangat.   

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