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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Yoursay: Muhyiddin’s triumph and the return of the kleptocrats

YOURSAY | ‘What a frightening concept. The crooks are back.’

Ada Harapan: Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin as prime minister will be a disaster for non-Malays and the nation as a whole as he will work with the crooks in Umno and the power-hungry ex-PKR politicians.
This is someone who self-proclaimed that he is Malay first and Malaysian second. MCA and MIC will be reduced to token yes-men. It will be a 90 percent Malay government.
Party chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad is happy as this suits his Malay agenda. It will be back to normal for the corrupt. It is hard to understand how MCA and MIC can go along with these bigots.
Sabah too, as Bersatu in that state will undermine them just like Umno. Sarawak is hard to predict - money and power talk. They are almost as corrupt as Umno.
Birds of the same feather flock together unless PKR president Anwar Ibrahim can offer them something juicy like more money and autonomy to do what they like.
Athena: Muhyiddin is on the way towards forming the next government. What a frightening concept. The crooks are back.
I'm sure many of us are having a meltdown. After all the cloak and dagger moves, these traitors to the nation are possibly forming a backdoor government.
Still, it's not over until it's over.
GPS from Sarawak is the kingmaker. Offer the chief minister the deputy prime minister’s post and agree to Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), which is already late in implementation. Sabah’s Warisan too should jump on board.
This is sad to see that after 20 years fighting to bring down Umno/BN and forming the government, Pakatan Harapan is unceremoniously brought down by such treacherous means.
Fair Play: As Athena said, it is not over until it is over. I am more optimistic. I don't believe all Umno and PAS MPs gave their support to Muhyiddin. There are a few in PAS and Umno who support Anwar.
And here is something that most of us have overlooked. Both GPS and Warisan pledged their support to Mahathir, not Muhyiddin. Besides, they are not Bersatu members.
They are now no longer beholden to Mahathir and are free to do what they have to do to “save” the nation.
Mo Saladin: Muhyiddin may have secured the first hurdle but at a hefty cost of seeing his name forever associated with the despicable politics of defection.
Katak (frog) politics is a term used to describe our politicians who switch party allegiance for money or position.
In Muhyiddin's case, he will be the first prime minister to leapfrog into the role. Do it alone you are a turncoat, do it en bloc and you are a prime minister.
Anonymous_1543386425: When attorney-general Tommy Thomas resigned, the writing was on the wall that Muhyiddin would be next PM. It is reported that Sabah’s Warisan and Sarawak’s GPS are expected to support Muhyiddin.
The impasse is resolved because with the support of Bersatu, BN/PAS, Warisan and GPS, Muhyiddin has more than the minimum number of 112 MPs to be prime minister.
When Anwar is not willing to make sacrifices, the result is Muhyiddin becomes prime minister. Anwar is so obsessed with the position that he cannot see any other than himself as prime minister. He is stubborn until the end. I wonder why we support politicians when nearly all think only of themselves and not the nation.
I hope Harapan takes its defeat gracefully, although bitter in taste as the takeover was by backdoor and by those whom voters had rejected. Dark clouds are forming on the horizon for the country and Malaysia Baru is dead.
Tony_in_HK: Anwar not willing to make sacrifices? He went to jail twice and kicked off one of the most important political movement in Malaysia.
Malaysian Spirit: Admittedly, pushing too hard for Anwar to become prime minister might not have been the wisest of moves knowing that Bersatu never wanted him in that position.
Ultimately, this was Muhyiddin’s only route to power after former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak ditched him. His career was really over so he changed his stripes. He didn't really care about the rampant corruption, he just wanted to be number one.
The question is will Mahathir allow his MPs to let Umno back into power? Muhyiddin has shown his true face. I think Mahathir is very sincere in his wish to save Malaysia from kleptocracy but will he be betrayed by those he has empowered their entire careers?
The rakyat will not be happy, and those Bersatu MPs who go against the mandate of GE14 will one day have to face their constituents.
Melvin: Kedah maintains a Harapan presence because Bersatu's only other choice is to form an alliance where PAS has 15 representatives to Bersatu's 6, which means PAS will dominate that government (and might not support Mukhriz Mahathir as menteri besar).
Perak maintains a Harapan presence because Bersatu's only other choice is to form an alliance with Umno where Umno has 25 representatives to Bersatu's 2, which means Umno will dominate that government (and might not support Faizal Azumu as MB).
These are pragmatic compromises on the part of the local Bersatu leaders.
Longjaafar: This is as dirty as it gets. The rakyat will not forgive the traitors. This episode of treachery and breach of trust is so disgusting.
Anonymous_1eb305b9: It looks like it is end game for Anwar. Harapan can prepare to be opposition. It can learn from this and move on. Get ready for the next election. - Mkini

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