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Saturday, February 29, 2020

The Counter Coup And The Counter Counter Coup

Well it looks the DAP heard my advice after all. Do read on. 

First, apparently Dr Mahathir's re-appointment as Chairman of PPBM is not true after all. 

Here is a Kenyataan Media signed by Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yasin himself that says so:



Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad telah meletak jawatan Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU) pada 24 Februari 2020. 

Menurut Fasal 16.9 Perlembagaan BERSATU, jika  Pengerusi berhenti atau  diberhentikan, maka Presiden hendaklah memangku jawatan itu sehingga diadakan
pemilihan untuk memilih Pengerusi baharu.

BERSATU belum mengadakan pemilihan untuk memilih Pengerusi yang baharu. 

Justeru, saya selaku Presiden memangku jawatan Pengerusi BERSATU sehingga pemilihan diadakan kelak.

Presiden/Pemangku Pengerusi
Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia
29 Februari 2020

PARTI PRIBUMI BERSATU MALAYSIA (Ros. No. PPM-007-14-08092016) Tingkat 8, Menara Yayasan Selangor, No 18A, Persiaran Barat PJS 52, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Tel: 03-83170180 Email: info@bersatu.org Web: www.pribumibersatu.org.my

Then I also received these two pictures :

Above : Birds of a feather flock together. Java Man 105 corruption charges, Kelantan Man RM43 million duit anak Yatim, Lobai Kont-l  RM90 juta duit 1MDB, Kasut Hitam Ikhwan Muslimin.

Below : "Hola patron. Como estas? Aún no hemos eliminado al viejo. Todavía tiene algunos movimientos. Ese bloguero está hablando ahora en su nombre.  Su blog tiene 68 millones de visitasHa ha ha." 

And here is the Counter Counter Coup :

late last night PH leaders met with Mahathir in a last-ditch effort 
to convince him not to support new govt with BN 

Dr M prepared to lead Pakatan Harapan again
following meeting with its top leaders this morning

  • I now have numbers to garner majority support in Dewan Rakyat
  • I am prepared to stand as candidate for prime minister. 
  • This decision will be conveyed to the Agong,” Dr M said 
Pakatan Harapan confirmed this in brief statement
“PH expresses full support for Dr M as prime minister,” it said
just as Muhyiddin looked set to become prime minister 
ex-PKR leaders who quit with Azmin not part of this revived bloc
Yesterday, BN leaders declared their support for Muhyiddin
Umno and PAS confirmed their support for Muhyiddin

My comments : 

Look at the picture. 
Guan Eng / DAP with 42 seats is there. 
Mat Sabu with 10 (?) seats is also there. 
Azmin with 11 seats will support Dr M.
PKR's Nasution and Fazmi are there.
Brader Anwar is not there.
So now Bersatu is split.
Muhyiddin's group (it does not exist) will be confused for a while.

Folks, the fat lady will be singing shortly. 
That means the excitement is coming to an end. 

Here is the net result of this whole weeklong gang bang:

1. Brader Anwar is eliminated.
2. Other possible PM wannabes have been put forward and proven not to have the numbers. (There were at least THREE of them).
3. ALL (Repeat : ALL) prior agreements are not in effect anymore.
4. Dr M can now pick and choose whoever he wants into the Cabinet.
5. The Pakatan Harapan remains minus 1 to 4 above.

And what was the cost of this whole exercise?

Some Kentucky Fried Chicken and some MacDonalds burgers. 
Paid by someone else. 

Lastly look at that picture again.
Look at Dr Mahathir's face.
That is the "Dr Mahathir Very Very Angry Face."

I have seen that face very, very few times.
Look at Guan Eng's face. 
Macam kena marah tuition teacher because cannot solve Add Maths problem.
Guan Eng and I were classmates in Melaka High School for two years. 

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