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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Mr Lim Kit Siang Herein Lies Great Responsibility, Can You Sacrifice Your Son's Career?

Before I say anything else, here are two montages that should be framed up in the Museum Negara, in the Archives etc. This is Malaysia. This is the nature of our people.

Syabas and congratulations to the DYMM YDP Agong. Daulat Tuanku. 

The YDP Agong is in the habit of stopping at road accidents to enquire about the safety and health of the people. 

A calming influence at a time of grief or crisis. 

Let us hope that His Majesty The King will not have to spend too much time serving out the fried chicken, burgers, pizza etc.  Daulat Tuanku.

I would like to address this to Mr Lim Kit Siang. I feel that with 42 MPs the DAP is in a singular position to help sort out this impasse.

By now you will realise that Anwar Ibrahim does NOT have the numbers. Today is Saturday 29th Feb 2020. If Anwar had the numbers he would be the PM by today. That is NOT happening. 

So Mr Lim your 42 DAP MPs supporting Anwar is wasted opportunity.

Why is it a waste? Because obviously the majority of people do not want Anwar as their leader. In other words your supporting Anwar is a minority effort. 

So who is on the right? 
The majority who do not support Anwar?
Or the minority (like you) who do support him? 

How do we answer this question?

Maybe this will help:

1. Is Anwar a Mahatma Gandhi? 
Of great virtue and righteousness? 
What do you think? 
Have you forgotten Mr Lim that the late Karpal Singh was the first human being on the surface of this planet earth who raised Anwar's moral issues INSIDE PARLIAMENT? Sudah lupa kah Mr Lim? 

2. Is Anwar a Deng Xiaoping ?
Of economic brilliance and administrative genius?
This one no need to think lah Mr Lim.
You know the answer to this question.

3. Everyone who was close to him has left him.
His closest deputy is now his greatest enemy. 
The deputy sheriff has shot the sheriff.
You can fill a book with people who have abandoned Anwar.

This is why your 42 MPs' support for Anwar is wasted effort.

Your son is not popular. 
Even inside the DAP he is not too popular.
In Johor, Sarawak and other places even your own people do not like him. 
Others have given him the moniker "Tokong".
It is not a crime to be disliked. Neither is it a crime to be called a 'Tokong'.
But this is politics. If people don't like you,  'NO-VA'. 'No Go' in Spanish.

As of now Saturday 29 Feb 2020 (10 am) the crisis is not resolved. 

Mr Lim, go talk to Dr M. You have already been in power together for 20 months.
Cakap-cakap lah.

Give and take. Do some bargaining.
You may have to give up your son's career in government.
Which will certainly affect his career in the DAP.

But certainly the greater good of the country and the people is much bigger?

This is a moment of great responsibility in our country.
I believe you hold a very large key to solve the present impasse.
Use your 42 DAP MPs for the greater good of the country.

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