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Friday, February 28, 2020

Khalid: Please Dr M, stand by Anwar and Wan Azizah

In a series of tweets, Amanah strategic communications director Khalid Samad implored Dr Mahathir Mohamad to return to Pakatan Harapan.
He also pleaded with the 94-year-old leader to stand with PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and his wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.
Khalid reminded Mahathir how the couple had supported the latter despite what transpired during his fallout with Anwar more than two decades ago.
“Please Tun, stand by DSAI (Anwar) and Kak Wan (Wan Azizah) as they have stood by you. The misery and anguish you caused them did not deter them from supporting you.

“You have far lesser reasons to reject them. As their support made you PM in 2018, your support, as promised, will make DSAI PM now,” he said.
The Shah Alam MP also beseeched Mahathir not to let his final contribution to the nation be an act of betrayal.
Below are some of his tweets.
- Please Tun, let me continue to think of you in the manner you deserve to be thought of. As a destroyer of Kleptocrats, a saviour of Malaysia, Not as one who after doing this succumbs to his baser instincts and returned us to those who would destroy us. Was all these months an act?
- Tun, let us finish what you started. Let us carry on with the mandate of 2018 for Harapan to govern and cleanse the administration of all forms of corruption to make Malaysia great again. Think of your grandchildren. Please Tun, concede to the will of the rakyat. It's time to let go.
- Please Tun, do not betray us and the nation as a whole. You think what you are doing is the best for the nation but it is not. Your final legacy should not be that of a prime minister who betrayed his people after having won their hearts. Please Tun, respect the rule of law...
- Please Tun, you promised to hand over to DSAI as the 8th PM on your resigning. Now you know he has the most votes from the MPs, short only by a few to achieve a simple majority. Why are you reneging on your promise? Why do you now back TSMY (Muhyiddin Yassin) who has received a miniscule (number of support), if any.
- Please Tun, it is still not too late. No, the die is not cast! Return to us as the hero of 2018, not the villian of 1987 (ISA Ops lalang) or the despot of 1998 (Reformasi). Carry on along the path of truth and honesty which you had started on in 2018 with us, which made you PM.
Meanwhile, Khalid also urged Warisan president Mohd Shafie Apdal to make a stand since it is no longer Mahathir but Muhyiddin who is Bersatu's prime minister's candidate and the latter has no qualms working with Umno.
“So Shafie, you have to take a stand. Hopefully you will not stand with those who stand with crooks,” he added.
Warisan-Upko has a total of 10 seats. Previously, Shafie had pledged support for Mahathir. Anwar, on the other hand, is the leading contender with 92 seats. Harapan also claims he has the support from MPs outside the coalition. - Mkini

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