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Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Persistence, or perseverance, is endurance in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. To persist is to continue your journey towards greatness despite internal weaknesses and external distractions.
In the short-term, persistence involves keeping your focus and patience. For example, remaining patient during traffic requires persisting towards emotional stability despite your desire for uncontrolled anger. Traffic is the delay in achieving success (arriving at your destination), and your irritation is the difficulty you face in remaining emotionally stable.
However, perseverance shines as a virtue when we discuss long-term thinking and goals. Life is strenuous and full of distractions and roadblocks. If you wish to do something meaningful, you will face constant challenges and setbacks.   
Therefore, you need the ability to push through these difficulties and remain the course. Why? Because you cannot finish long-term goals and desires quickly. Completing long-term goals requires applying a consistent effort despite pain, doubt or fear.
On the other hand, without the ability to persist, you will give up on your objectives. Your failure will lead to despair because your goals will be limited to the smallness of your endurance. Small, half-accomplished goals do not create a happy and meaningful life.
However, if you persist through distractions, doubts, and fear, you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself. 
Why have you failed to persevere? There are multiple distractions, challenges, and setbacks. However, your inability to push through them comes down to a few elements:
  • You are tired – Exhaustion robs the mind of focus and will. The more tired you are, the less likely you will be able to continue in your duties.
  • You need a break – There is nothing wrong with taking a break. Sometimes, you need to stop working and do something light and engaging.  
  • You are losing sight of what is essential – When you stop persisting, you lose sight of everything you want to do. Additionally, you fail to remember how your efforts will make the world a better place.
  • You investigate the noise of the world – There are moments where you foolishly try to understand the current culture by consuming media. This consumption always leaves you depressed and mentally sick. Your mental weakness leads to quitting when challenges arise.
  • You are over-indulging – You are spending too much time listening to music, looking at photos, or playing games. When you over-indulge, you fail to keep your eye on the prize.
Here are eight tactics to persevere when the going gets tough:

Repeat your Efforts

You might be doing all the right things, but perhaps the timing is not right. Simply repeating your actions - the same exact actions - enough times will bring success.

Change Your Strategy

Then again, you might not be doing the right thing. If you have received feedback that indicates repeating your efforts will not lead to success, change your strategy, and try again.

Model Someone Successful

Chances are you are not the first person to have gone through the process you are going through. Get advice from someone who is experienced and adapt what they did in the past to what you want to do.

Capitalize on Momentum

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. This can be all too true when your project requires a day-in-day-out grind. But it all adds up to something amazing over time. Just take the first step - sometimes the rest has a way of taking care of itself.

Rest, then Start Again

There is an ebb and flow to most things in life. Take a purposeful down period to renew your energy and passion. You will come back more enthusiastic about the work and you will get better results than if you kept going without a break.

Look at the Big Picture

If you have been working in the weeds, you may have gotten more specific over time and lost sight of the original goal or your perspective. Step back, renew everything from afar, and refocus your efforts, if necessary.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate small wins. At the start of a big project, break it up into smaller chunks, each with their own goal and reward. You will have something to look forward to when each stage is completed.

Keep Optimistic

Focusing on performance goals, outcomes, and whether you succeed or fail can become very demotivating. Instead, make a decision to focus on the present, enjoy the process, and keep the perspective that it will all work out in the end - one way or another.
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