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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Anwar is 'comfortable' that he will succeed me, says Mahathir

BERSATU AGM | Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he believes PKR president Anwar Ibrahim is "comfortable" with the prospect of succeeding him as the next prime minister.
Despite the pressure for Mahathir to stay on as prime minister for a full term, Mahathir said he had dinner with Anwar and the latter did not raise the succession plan.
"We didn't talk about that at all. I had dinner with him and the matter was not raised.
"I think he feels comfortable that he will succeed me, maybe two years - or maybe, I don't know - It's only a short-term, I'm not going to be the prime minister until the next election, I think," he told a press conference after the Bersatu annual general assembly in Putrajaya today.
Bersatu delegates had pressed Mahathir to stay on as prime minister for a full term but Mahathir was adamant that he must keep his promise of handing power to Anwar.
When pointed out to Mahathir that he had previously said he may stay on as prime minister beyond two years if that was what the people wanted, he downplayed the statement.
"I need to take care of my health, I'm old, " he said.
Earlier, in his winding-up speech, Mahathir said he had been accused of making poor choices of successors.
Naming the current leaders in Bersatu, Mahathir said he hoped that his choices will be at least 70 percent correct this time.
Asked at the press conference if this also applied to Anwar, who he had previously sacked as deputy prime minister, Mahathir replied: "You come back to me in two years' time, I will tell you". - Mkini

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