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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Syed Saddiq slams delegate's demand for contracts, warns MACC may come

BERSATU AGM | Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman began his winding-up speech at his party's annual general assembly today by slamming delegates who demanded positions and contracts during the debate session.
Syed Saddiq also took aim at the Federal Territories delegate who claimed that he was promised contracts by a minister.
"As a member of Bersatu Youth, I would like to advise the delegate just now. He even dared to name the minister who allegedly promised contracts. It's senseless!
"It could become a MACC case. How could he go see the minister and say he was promised a contract?
"Look at PKR, DAP or Amanah. Even Umno dares not discuss such things publicly. Where is our honour?" he said angrily to applause from the floor. 
However, it remains unclear who he was referring to exactly or what was said, as the delegates' debates took place behind closed doors. 
'Struggle for Malays'
The Muar MP added that the same people had criticised him for supposedly not helping Malays enough. 
"The same people say I am not Malay enough, that I do not struggle for ketuanan Melayu.
"When I struggle, I do it sincerely for the Malays. I want to help the poor Malay youths in Felda and the B40 group, who do not have opportunities to go to university – not those who constantly demand contracts," he said.
Syed Saddiq then offered some advice to the delegates at the AGM, saying that they should apply for contracts through proper channels.
Emphasising that such demands left him feeling uncomfortable, he reminded Bersatu members how the party had struggled with nothing when it was established.
"When we formed Bersatu, we had no positions, assets or contracts. Everything was taken from us. We couldn't even use public halls nor enter universities.
"Even though Umno controlled all local council positions, the government machinery, the media, GLCs... they fell at the hands of the people."
Syed Saddiq assured that qualified candidates would be appointed to such positions, and as such there was no need to make demands.
The Bersatu AGM in Putrajaya today is its first as a ruling party. - Mkini

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