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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Hishamuddin Onn PM, Azmin Ali DPM ?

families of Azmin and Hisham holiday in Morocco 
fan speculation of leadership split in PKR

Hisham and Azmin posing with hands in tight clasp, broad grins
caption: “Reunited after so long”.

holiday snaps come on heels of open fallout between Anwar and Azmin 
over key appointments in PKR supreme council, state chairmanships

Hisham involved in plot to stop Anwar from being PM ?? 
(OSTB : Ini Joceline Tan cakap, bukan saya cakap.)

Azmin and Hisham have known each other over years 

taking holiday together is something else altogether
especially during these sensitive times

deliberate message about a future political alliance in the making

Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/12/30/azmin-hisham-reunited-in-morocco/#8qVQmcX5jkl0vcIp.99

My comments :  

Hisham has with him about 30 UMNO MPs. Azmin has possibly about 20 - 25 PKR MPs. Thats easily 50 MPs. Bersatu, Amanah plus Warisan is say another 30 MPs. So thats 80 MPs.  Will DAP play ball? If they do, that is another say 40 MPs. Thats already 120 MPs. 

It looks like Brader Anwar is history.

What if they all do not agree?  
What if Brader Anwar plus some DAP plus some Amanah (katakanlah) do not agree?

Brader Anwar can pull out and force Pakatan Harapan to unravel.

There might be a snap election. 

Can I be calon for Lembah Pantai? :))

Unless Hisham and Azmin have more  MPs with them. 
Then there may not be a snap election.

You must have a calculator that only needs to count up to 112.

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