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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Berita Bodoh Pak Arab : Mufti Saudi Kata Ibn Taimiyyah Suruh Dia Berbaik Dengan Israel !!

Saudi Arabia's grand mufti, Abdelaziz al-Sheikh, said on Saudi radio that it was not permissible from a religious point of view to fight the Israelis and the Hebrew state.

For him, "Muslims should ally with them to fight Hamas and Hezbollah."

The Sheikh also decreed that the alliance with the Hebrew State was lawful especially when it comes to fighting organizations like Hezbollah, relying, to do so, on an opinion of the theologian Ibn Taymiyya issued in the 13th century.

Responding to a Saudi citizen's question on a local radio show, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia claimed that it was forbidden for a Muslim to attack the Israeli army, which according to him protects the al-Aqsa mosque, adding that it was also forbidden, from a religious point of view, to fight the State of Israel which can be a valuable ally in the war against the Shiites.

According to the mufti, it is perfectly permissible for Muslims to ask for help from Israel to fight Hamas, which is, in his view, is "a terrorist organization".

Here is a SIX minute video of Saudis and other Arabs dancing with Israelis in Bahrain.  To save your time you can move the cursor to minute 5:30. 

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