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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


COME Sept 14, the historic day in Malaysian politics when Umno and Pas officially put their differences behind and ink a charter that could trigger another ‘Malay tsunami’ in the next general election.
And come what may, they will pose the biggest threat to the Pakatan Harapan government which is now embroiled in internal bleeding stemming out from unexpected events among themselves. It will plunge Dr Mahathir’s Cabinet further as it looks quite difficult for PH to seek the right remedy for their wounds.
Umno and Pas presidents, Zahid Hamid and Hadi Awang are setting up the biggest Malay collaboration ever. With about 4 million members and millions of supporters, they have chosen the right path together after years of unnecessary confrontation.
It is expected and met with unscrupulous remarks by DAP, Bersatu and PKR. DAP for instance, has likened the pact to Taliban movement but was fast refuted by both parties and political analysts as a sign of discontentment and worries for the might of the cooperation.
I remember sometimes in January, the leaders of the Democratic Party for the People (DPFP) and the Liberal Party of Japan (LP) agreed on a similar plan. DPFP leader Yuichiro Tamaki and Ichiro Ozawa reached the accord after judging that it was necessary for the two parties to band together in order to gain an advantage in this summer’s House of Councillors election.
This will give PH a narrow political outlook. The rakyat now realise that those in Pakatan are attuned to secure their political survival without bothering much to the welfare of common people. Such type of a political pact existed only to facilitate the interest of their families and friends.
In presence scenario, they have option to merge with Umno-Pas to uphold their power but it looks unlikely. The prophecy about changes to Putrajaya in the next few months comes only with little pessimism.
Umno-Pas pact can bring the biggest challenge to PH. Dr Mahathir, in trying to portray a clean-image government, is now tucked with a bad picture of morality. Not worth mentioning, the crisis is dragging almost everybody di PH to start thinking of a savior to their self-vested interest, and joining Umno-Pas could be treated as a safe outlet.
In his effort to bring closer PH to the people, other issues of corruption and controversially sickening events took place.
Barisan Nasional (BN) government, whom Dr M accuses of many scandals and wrongdoings, is actually strengthened by this Umno-Pas move, leaving PH deeply burdened with irrelevancy management and misconduct of some representatives.
Name it, they have more red dots now. Not wrong to say the level of corruption rises. They are promoting dynastic policies, appeasement of religion majority, instituting awards for outstanding ‘ass-lickers’, doling out freebies and just watching the detrimental steps taken to national economy etc.
And no doubt Umno and Pas alliance will proof its worth amid growing displeasure towards the central government, especially with regards to the spiraling cost of living and of course, the undelivered GE14 manifesto.
For Malaysians at large, the pact will provide them with better option on who to vote in the next general election. Majority of the Malays and Muslims will definitely put their money on the new coalition. The Chinese and Indians too will have a clearer picture of who is better in managing the country – BN or PH.
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