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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

'Undi 18' – a prophecy

The success of the "Undi18" promise by the new government indeed is worthy of celebration. The constitutional amendment of Article 119 is indeed history and the writer would like to put on the hat of a psychic and peer into the future when GE15 takes place. 
A day no different from the rest, a public holiday perhaps. Not for enjoyment but for the fulfilment of a civic duty through the ticking of a multi-choice paper but not a test.
Before such a time travel exercise is done, the psychic is happy to reveal his methods. The youth of today and tomorrow, are drastically different and have managed to carve out a different independent ideology particularly away from their parents. 
The advent of the Internet generation has exposed the psychic and all youths to a deafening amount of information. The question on the fateful GE15 election is not whether the new voting bracket is able to understand the weight of their vote or their ability to vote independently. It is whether the choice wished for by the new segment of suffrage bearers would be represented on this “multi-choice test”.
The recent European Parliament election (granted this continental election did not garner much fanfare) outcome is arguably prophetic. The rise and success of "green" parties and “green" politics focusing on environmental issues reflect the concerns of the youth. The stakes at hand on these environmental issues primarily caused by the generation before is understood and even currently tackled by the youth (i.e: Greta Thunberg).
The success stories of our young parliamentarians and the participation of younger members in state assemblies mimic further the "taking charge" attitude of youths seen in the UK and US (i.e.: Syed Saadiq, Lim Yi Wei and P Prabakaran).
With the ending of the narrative above, the psychic wishes to reveal his trick and findings. The present and the future shall be no different. 
The political environment of the day and tomorrow indicates no motion to represent the will of the youth. The “multi-choice test” is then revealed, to consist of option "A" and "B". The youths shall then question, “What if we wanted 'C'?” - Mkini

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