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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Crocodiles spotted in waters off popular Likas Bay Park

KOTA KINABALU: Elusive crocodiles, which have been spotted within the Likas lagoon area over the past few years, might have slipped into the open sea along the scenic and popular Likas Bay park here.
A viral video of a crocodile close to the popular park and beach area have started to make its rounds, while state Wildlife officials are urging people to be more cautious in the area.
The department's director Augustine Tuuga said that they were just
receiving word about the presence of the crocodiles within seafront of Likas Park based on a video being shared.
"We will try to catch them if possible, " he said, adding that their rangers would move in as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, he said the public should avoid being in the surrounding waters.
"We have put up signboards there (Likas Bay lagoon) to warn the public, " he said.
Over the past few years, crocodiles have been spotted in the area that connects via drainage to the open sea, and the latest videos indicate that the crocodiles might have slipped through the drain into the seashore area.
Since the spotting of the crocodiles by anglers at the lagoon area, Wildlife Department has put up traps and signboards warning people.
But, the elusive crocodiles were never caught in the lagoon, and they have been seen from time to time.
Anglers at the lagoon remained undeterred by the threat and have continued fishing in the area despite the warnings.
In interviews with The Star in 2017, some of the anglers confirmed multiple sightings of the crocodiles while fishing, but said that the reptiles did not disturb them.
The lagoon area is currently being dredged and some people believe that it left its feeding ground and slipped into the open sea.
The seafront at Likas Park is a popular picnic spot among the locals and also has a jogging and a cycling track. Fishing and swimming are also popular recreational activities in the area.- Star

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