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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Britain To Also Ban Petrol / Diesel Vehicles

Britain ban  petrol- and diesel-fuelled cars from 2040 
all vehicles must be fully electric

similar announcement earlier this month by the French government.

government under pressure to reduce air pollution 

BMW said will produce an electric Mini from 2019.

Volvo first major automaker to phase out internal combustion engine 

all models after 2019 will be electric or hybrids. - Reuters

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/world/2017/07/26/britain-to-ban-sales-of-petrol-diesel-fuelled-cars-from-2040/#KjAigT4Coi14ZYye.99

My comments :  The Stone Age did not come to an end for a lack of stones. The oil age will not come to a close for a lack of oil. 

The list of countries that plan to ban the internal combustion engine in motor vehicles is growing.
  • Norway wants to get there by 2025. 24% of vehicles are battery-electric
  • India wants to switch to battery power by 2030
  • Netherlands switch to electric by as early as 2025
  • Germany to end sales of gas and diesel cars by 2030.
  • China prodding automakers to expand production of electric vehicle 
2025 is just eight years away.  Each one of these countries represents percentage points in world oil consumption, about 25% of which goes into automobiles.
The decreasing demand for oil as fuel for cars will begin to accelerate even from now. This is good news for the whole world.
This is not good news for the oil producers. Or for the easy money addicts. Dont say I did not warn you - for so long now.  


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