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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Which of the 1 pct of allegations against Rosmah true?

YOURSAY | ‘Please tell us about the diamonds that Rosmah has been allegedly acquiring.’
Mushiro: If 99 percent of the allegations against PM’s wife Rosmah Mansor were untrue, then her special officer, Rizal Mansor, has failed badly to rebut all of them.
Why should people lie about Rosmah and not so much about the earlier PM's wives?
Or does Rizal believe that Rosmah has the right to use the government's private jet, given a budget of RM85 million for her Permata project (in 2017), had a multi-million ringgit wedding bash for her daughter, and where her son, Riza Aziz, splashed hundreds of millions (in US dollars) of allegedly 1MDB money for condos in New York and a Beverly Hills home and was involved in financing Hollywood films, etc?
Clever Voter: Rizal, if 99 percent of the allegations were untrue, then just about everyone was a liar. Or we are a nation of great storytellers.
There is no reason why a simple sales assistant could allegedly recognise her at her shop picking pairs of matching shoes and handbags.
The best part is she apparently didn't have her credit card swiped. All was taken care of. One of many examples of a VVIP wife's lifestyle.
Odin Tajué: Rizal, doubtless, you and someone or some others from your propaganda unit read this report.
As you (and/or he/she/them) can see, the comments from my fellow Malaysiakinireaders clearly illustrate you lack integrity. The big problem is with your boss. She totally lacks credibility and, therefore, nothing you say cuts any ice with any of them.
A few of her stories that made headlines, and sparked off an avalanche of comments, have had more holes than a fishing net.
For example, her claim of stumbling on a box filled with jewellery worth millions on board the yacht owned by the Kuwait royal family. She further claimed that the box was owned by Prince Saud Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia.
She was reported to have said, “At the end of our stay, as I was packing our belongings, I stumbled upon a box in the safe-deposit box which belonged to Prince Saud Al-Saud of Saudi Arabia.” I have a copy of that news report.
That, Rizal, is a load of camel dung. One asks, how was it that she saw the box only as she was packing? How was it that she did not notice it when she was unpacking prior to that? The box could not have been a minuscule container.
Next question. Why would a Saudi prince be using a yacht owned by the Kuwait royal family? They have their own. And how could she have known that the box was owned by the Saudi prince?
Then, of course, the differing explanations given for the RM24 million diamond ring that was brought into the country. The most incredulous was her claim of having saved up since she was young.
Simple arithmetic would show that she would need to have saved every month more than the combined monthly incomes of her parents. If my understanding or inference of a report is correct, both her parents were once kindergarten teachers or some such.
By the way, Rizal, would that prince, Prince Saud Al-Saud, and Prince Saud Abdulaziz Majid al-Saud, who was supposed to have later donated mucho moolah to Ah Moi, be one and the same imaginary beings? Huh? Interesting, no?
Anonymous 2465861491622056: Please, can Rosmah come up and declare that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) was wrong on the US$27.3 million (RM117 million) pink diamond which she allegedly received from Jho Low and sue DOJ.
We need action and not bare denials.
CQ Muar: Rizal, of all things, defended Rosmah by mentioning her non-existence office in the PM’s Department. Rizal talked extensively about the said office.
Instead, why doesn't Rizal deny all those allegations hurled against her, for example, the Birkin handbags, pink diamonds and jewellery, jet-set shopping and holidays, etc?
Come on, Rizal, there's a limit to stupidity, and you'd just broken that record.
Anonymous_4056: Rosmah's expensive handbags, watches and jewellery and her frequent shopping sprees overseas are all well-documented.
Rizal, now tell me who is lying. Please do not pretend to be deaf and blind to all these excesses.
Anonymous 2293481434643651: Rizal, you are causing more damage to Rosmah’s reputation and her credibility.
First, how did you arrive at the percentage that 99% are not true? Second, can you now tell Malaysians whether it is true that Rosmah purchased all those expensive Birkin bags with her own saving when she was still a child?
Third, please tell us whether or not the US$27 million diamond ring was given to her by her friend, Jho Low?
Liujinzhong: Rizal, why not tell us what the allegations are? Then let us know which 1% is true. We will then tell all our friends about the 99% ‘lies’.

Oscar Kilo: You are not addressing the main issues. For example, please tell us about the diamonds that Rosmah has been allegedly acquiring. How did she afford them?
Whose money did she use to buy the diamonds?
Pahatian: Forget about the 99%, tell us the 1% that is true. - Mkini

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