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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PM's six-month ultimatum means GE14 in March?

YOURSAY | 'PM should help Felda folks, not threaten them to return to the fold.'
Clever Voter: As predicted, it is again time to open the cheque book. For years, citizens including rural folks and Felda settlers are treated to more or less the same crumbs.
What they don't realise is these are taxpayers' money which form a pittance of the billions these self-serving politicians have helped themselves.
Speeches were recycled with messages on their benevolence, generosity and only BN can do this. Such a PR scam is not only insulting because the real intent is to ensure loyalty and perpetual dependency on BN for their economic status.
Trueglitter: This is akin to the last throes of a dying horse that has been bogged in the muddy cesspit with little hope of salvation.
The embattled-cum-desperate Najib Razak is currently resorting to the flexing his prime-ministerial muscles by both threatening and cajoling the 17,679 alleged Felda dissidents into submission with offers of tempting incentives as well as the use of the "big stick" in the event of their default would be construed as his apparent attempt to make peace and curry favour with them in light of approach of the next general election.
Given the invaluable importance of the contribution and the support from Felda settlers that have provided to Umno-BN in previous elections, the desperate Najib and his equally confidence-deficient cronies are obviously getting more anxious and desperate by the day in acknowledgement of the fact that the Felda settlers are getting wiser and becoming more informed of their rights and entitlements through positive advice from concerned opposition parties.
Hcleong: I am surprised 18,000 settlers were against Najib. They are the smart group. How could their fathers' income be siphoned off by the billions? Why was it used to buy luxury hotels in London or an oil palm estate in Indonesia at inflated prices?
Let this 18,000 spread the words and more will go against Najib. Let the numbers increase and they choose a reliable new government.
The Felda settlers do not need carrots, they need honesty and not alleged thievery from their elected leaders.
Not Convinced: Felda dissidents have six months, starting in August, to return to the fold or risk missing out on a slew of new incentives announced by Najib.
I guess GE14 will be in March.
FlabberPro: Isn't this a threat? The PM should work harder to get the Felda settlers to come back to the fold, not to threaten them.
Nevertheless, it is very likely that the incentives are hard-earned by these farmers themselves. It is not exactly an incentive given to them by the government.
It's like taking from the left hand to give to the right hand.
Anonymous 2450121480909934: Felda settlers, where do I begin? These are pampered class of downtrodden. In the past, they were fixed vote bank, with the government raining down manna on them.
Felda Global Ventures (FGV) was clearly created to fund excesses. Political appointees were there to take care and enjoy a new fief.
But now, it is hard to wean them off. These settlers need to continue to depend on handouts and whoever wins need to feed them to get their votes. It is a totally messed up mentality.
Anonymous 2460391489930458: Doesn't banners with words "PM is my idol" and "I love PM" remind you of Kim Jong Un's North Korea?
Anonymous 122461436161429: Felda settlers should be affluent after 61 years. Why are they not? It is likely that money that is rightfully theirs was spent on this brainwashing event. Good luck to these poor souls.
Road for Truth: Without this government, Felda will still go on. With a better government, Felda settlers will enjoy better benefits for their hard work. Sixty-one years have proven that only a master-slave mentality exists and will likely continue.
Clever Voter: Putrajaya has no control over commodity prices. They are helpless in their greed and incapable of overcoming their addiction. Much money has gone missing from government aid. All they can do is to satisfy the tummy of thousands of settlers.
If they think such cheap publicity can be a consolation, they would be mistaken. Many are indebted to banks. We haven't reached a tipping point yet.
It wouldn't be a surprise if such old tricks of food and nice speeches don't work anymore.
Felda will be managed with integrity, says Shahrir
Anonymous 2450121480909934: Another proclamation. "Build with integrity". Hey, stop talking and show us some action.
Purge Felda board? Not done. Indict Isa Samad? Not done. Sue board members for failure to perform fiduciary irresponsibility? Not done. Please don't talk about integrity.
Mushiro: Shahrir Samad has pledged to ensure that Felda is managed with integrity and to focus on bringing progress to the settlers. This means that there was no integrity and no progress to the settlers all the while.
He has been Felda chairperson for six months. Yet, he is still talking about his plans. When will he actually start work?
Anonymous_1404717623: Why not manage Felda with integrity from day one? Why only now? Why wait until Felda was robbed?
CQ Muar: After having hoodwinked and misled the Felda settlers for so many decades, this newly appointed chairperson is trying to patch things up. We hope the Felda settlers will not allow them to settle the score so easily.
Don't let them entice you with all sorts of promises. The only recourse is to vote those blood-suckers out come GE14.

Take whatever "compensation" they pay you, but stop voting for them. Those from the present regime will revert to their old trick once they continue to rule. - Mkini

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