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Thursday, July 27, 2017


A friend with the opposition tip-off political movement within UMNO to oust Najib. He believes there is justified reasons.
It seemed almost similar to the thinking of someone close to Tun Dr Mahathir that facts do not matter but the (claimed) principle justified. Whatever principle, it is mere excuse for power and self serving economic interest.
That tip-off came late because it’s long known Dato Husni Hanazlah is involved. Rosli Md Sah FB here revealed the UMNO division officials confer in Perth. Few months ago, there was a Bandung pow wow involving Perak UMNO and PPBM leaders.
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Apa cerita ‘Gerakan KUB dan TKUB’ yang berhimpun di Perth baru2 ni dengan pemergian mereka ditaja sepenuhnya oleh seseorang demi memalukan dan menggulingkan Najib Abdul Razak.
Jadi ke nak melompat ke Parti Cap Bunga sebaik2 nama dicalonkan, atau tunggu selepas menang setelah UMNO-BN atau PAS kempen guna dana parti utk mereka. Atau sebaik2 dicalonkan, akan tarik diri dan bagi kemenangan percuma kepada Pakatan Harapan?
PAS dah kena dengan PAN. Nampaknya UMNO pula akan kena dengan Cap Bunga!
What’s the story ‘ motion kub and tkub ‘ that assemble in Perth baru2 this and and and…
What was our April posting, “PPBM’s devious and dishonest politics” about then?
As we approach the general election, the distinction between truth and lies seemed irrelevant. The campaign is going to be dirty and dirtier, or rather bloody ugly. It will be far worse and tricky than yesterday’s skirmish between UMNO and PPBM Youth in front of PWTC.
There will be more expose similar to yesterday’s here on Ann Clwyd and Pergau-arms deal in the early 90s. It would be Mahathir’s one and only 1MDB slander against Najib versus encyclopedic volumes of his wrongdoing. Anyone interested, go to Roslan Latif FB here.
Yesterday, Dato Najib fired a shot at Mahathir in a language unlike his gentlemenly self. It was in a tune that is music longed for in decades. Like forex RCI, the open secrets in the past and flocks of elephants long roaming in the room need be addressed with honesty.
Cracking down on crony capitalism 
In front of an international crowd, Najib spoke frankly of the past cronyism and corruption practises of Mahathir. The Malay Mail Online reported:
Before international investors, Najib denounces Dr M’s legacy
By Syed Jaymal Zahiid
Tuesday July 25, 2017
10:42 AM GMT+8
UPDATED: July 25, 2017
12:07 PM GMT+8
KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 ― Speaking before the international business community here today, Datuk Seri Najib Razak denounced the legacy of his predecessor Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as being rife with cronyism and corruption.
Najib rarely uses international business platforms to criticise his political foes but today the Umno president said it was necessary to appeal to investors to avoid placing faith in an Opposition bloc led by a man with a track record for “cutting corners” and rolling out policies that only benefited his close allies.
“This government..will always be straight with the people and we will always do the right by the people,” Najib said in his keynote address at Invest Malaysia 2017, a private event for investors.
“We will always put their interests first, from economic welfare to security even if it’s not the most popular thing to do..this is also one of the reasons I am not very popular with that certain nonagenarian.
“Under his leadership many corners were cut, and the Malaysian people had to pay a very high price so that a few of his friends benefitted,” the prime minister added.
Najib has increasingly targeted Dr Mahathir since the latter began a campaign to remove him, which included resigning from Umno, forming an Opposition party, and becoming chairman of the Pakatan Harapan pact.
Continuing with his salvo against the former PM, Najib said today his government was undoing much of the damage caused by Dr Mahathir’s policies, such as by “cracking down on crony capitalism”.
Dr Mahathir had a preference for trickle-down economics that favoured select businessmen and companies, but which ended up concentrating wealth in a handful of elites.
“No more sweetheart deals. No more national follies kept going to stroke the ego of one man,” the BN chairman said.
In case any sceptics wish to refute Najib, they could name names in Rocky’s here.
Thus far the alleged cronies are hardly a shadow to Mahathir’s proxy empire builders such as Vincent Tan, Ananda Krishnan, Arumugam, and Francis Yeoh, to name a few.
YTL-paid Mahathir smear campaign
Najib revealed to the international audience to be cautious of Mahathir-led smear campaign through allegedly YTL-funded international PR agency and Soros linked foregn media.
The report continues below:
Najib also warned of a campaign to discourage the business community from supporting his government through what he described as deliberate “misinformation” by the Opposition.
The BN chairman accused the Opposition of starting a drive to sabotage the economy through smear tactics that are often reported by pro-opposition press.
“There has in fact been a concerted campaign to send such misinformation overseas to damage Malaysia’s economy for their own selfish political objectives.
“So if you receive these smears, or you read it in publications that do not check facts properly, please beware”.
The prime minister previously asserted that political rivals were aiming to undermine the economic success of his government in order to generate political support.
But Najib said they have been unsuccessful as Malaysia’s economy continued to grow robustly and draw in investments.
He noted Malaysia’s GDP has grown at an average of 4 per cent annually since he took office in 2009. This year alone trade increased to 24 per cent or RM430 billion compared to the same period last year.
Najib said the data proved investors remain confident in his government.
Reported by Bernama in The Malaysian Insight here, he said:
“All this can point to only one conclusion, namely, our economy continues to prosper and we are stronger than ever as a result of the reforms and programmes the government has put in place,” he said.
“The business community wants the certainty of knowing the government is committed to the necessary reforms and to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, transparency, accountability, and good regulations.”
No former leader style cover-up for 1MDB
True gentleman he is, Najib admitted to the the mistakes of 1MDB. TMI reported:
PM admits to lapses in 1MDB governance
Noel Achariam 
Published on 25 Jul 2017 11:36AM 
PRIME Minister Najib Razak today admitted there were clear lapses in corporate governance in state investor 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB), but said he would not pour more money, unlike a predecessor.
In a clear reference to mentor-turned-nemesis Dr Mahathir Mohamad, he said he had ordered “unprecedented” investigations into the 1MDB scandal.
“However, rather than bury our heads in the sand, we ordered investigations into the company at a scale unprecedented in our nation’s history, rather than funnel money after to cover up any issues 1MDB might have faced, the model embraced by a former leader.
“I instructed the rationalisation of the company,” Najib said in his speech at the Invest Malaysia Conference in Kuala Lumpur today.
He said the rationalisation was progressing well as many of the assets formerly owned by 1MDB were thriving.
Citing the Tun Razak Exchange as an example, Najib said one only needs to drive by to see the progress of the new construction site.
While there are numerous investigations under way around the world, including three civil suits filed by the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Singapore is the only country to have prosecuted those involved in 1MDB, chaired by Najib.
The DoJ moved to seize another US$540 million (RM2.3 billion) in assets allegedly bought with money stolen from 1MDB, bringing the misappropriated figure from 1MDB to US$4.5 billion.
However, Najib has consistently denied any wrongdoing and the Malaysian authorities have cleared him.
Najib said while there were issues at 1MDB, it was certain politicians who blew them out of proportion while trying to sabotage the company in a bid to topple the government.
“If 1MDB hadn’t been around they would have chosen another line of attack to illegitimately try to change the government.” – July 25, 2017.
Reuters reported Najib asking investors to move past 1MDB as economy strengthens. The full speech is available in The Star here.
Not as deadly
The words spoken by Najib once cost an UMNO Youth leader his position and ISA detention. Mahathir will not be taking it lying down. It will be a fight to the death.
That is if Mahathir does not catch cold. He maybe a vicious fighter in the political arena. But a cold can be deadly to him. He is heard to have got one recently and cancelled few events.
Maybe it is an excuse to avoid a rebel faction in PPBM.
Mahathir had to get Mukhriz to announce stopping Deklarasi Rakyat. It is as though he is evading the 1MDB issue that was the bulk of the declaration by a gang of past Kleptocrats desperately “minta nyawa” from the opposition.
In the past, Mahathir would kill off any rebels within his fold. This time he seemed to dare not. Losing his killer touch or buying time?

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