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10 APRIL 2024

Thursday, July 27, 2017

PAS' election strategy - if we can't win, so can't Harapan

YOURSAY | 'By contesting all Harapan's seats, they will ensure the kleptocrats win GE14.'
Anonymous #44199885: The rakyat expect nothing less from a party full of traitors, acting like an unofficial BN component party.
The rakyat will respond accordingly and throw out this party that falsely claims it is Islamic when it all the while protecting those who allegedly abuse and commit corrupt acts and who steal our money.
PAS has no principles and is led by ulama who have lost sight of their religious training and teaching.
Tulan: We all fight to win, but all we know this mosquito party fights to spoil the votes in order for BN to win. Yes, maybe Umno will give them some sympathy votes in some seats come GE14.
But you want to win 40 parliamentary seats? Sure, tonight put your pillow a bit higher and dream.
Rick Teo: PAS vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, you don't have to tell the world you are contesting so many seats (all seats held by Pakatan Harapan) in the next general election.
Any Malaysian can pay a deposit and contest. However, when the election is over, most of your candidates would lose their deposits.
PAS is now a dinosaur with ‘dedak’ eaters at the helm. They will even lose Kelantan at this rate.
Fairplayer: PAS is the biggest idiot of a party. May they lose every seat. PAS is on the side of the corrupt and is helping Umno to form the government after GE14. How religious and Islamic is that?
PAS is in fact saying they condone and endorse corruption. May our Muslim and Malay voters reject PAS.
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Mohd Amar, PAS will be best remembered by future generations as an Islamic party that protects and favours kleptocracy.
It is a party full of contradictions and inconsistencies. It says one thing but does the opposite. With a party like yours around, immoral and criminal politicians will have a field day.
Anonyxyz: If PAS members can think, they will have to wonder where PAS has so much money to throw away in sure-lose seats.
Hi Perception: Either PAS is now well-funded to contest in seats they are unlikely to stand a chance to win, or someone or some other party is willing to provide financial backing for PAS to do so.
If this is the case, the losing PAS candidates will come out financially healthier after the GE. Heads I win, tails I also win.     
Clever Voter: PAS is on a suicide mission. Hopefully, they will land on soft ground. To expect them to learn their lesson would be impossible. It makes more sense for them to retreat to home base.
Aziz Kader: This is the talk of camel-brained politician. They are saying no matter if they win or lose, they will fight in the next general election.
Boeyks: Why is it so difficult for them to tell the truth, and say that even though we are an opposition party, we support the ruling party and so we have to split votes of the other opposition parties to ensure the ruling party will have a better chance of winning
What other reason can there be?
Always Praying: By contesting all Harapan's seats, they will ensure the kleptocratic Umno wins GE14. It's a no-brainer.
Quigonbond: PAS' electoral strategy is - if we can't win it, we can't let Harapan win it either. It is vindictive and it displays poor leadership.
A vote for PAS equals a real vote for Umno. Not to vote at all equals giving more voting power to PAS supporters, who are also equal to voting for Umno.
Reach out to your friends. Harapan is going to contest in all seats. Just vote for them and save Malaysia. Seriously.
Trueglitter: PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, though not a Muslim nor embracing your religion or sharing your political ideals, I will nevertheless fervently pray for your successful and speedy recovery from your leaking heart valve surgical operation.
As human beings, we are all required, especially during such a time, to demonstrate our innate compassion cum sensitive understanding towards those who are less fortunate or being struck down by the changing fortunes of time.
The concerned public will earnestly pray that you will have a fruitful rest and smooth recovery and regain your usual vitality.
Along with our said wish, we will no doubt also hope that you will have some quiet moments to reflect upon the invaluable and intangible values which make our human existence wholesome and harmonious.
We sincerely hope that during your recovery, you will be at peace with yourself and your God, Allah, and in the process, be less vitriolic and more understanding towards the opposition political parties and their peace-loving members.
Newday: May your recuperating be successful, Hadi. It will indeed provide an opportunity for you to contemplate the fundamental path you have chosen over love, tolerance and respect of liberal Muslims and others who just want to pursue a path of peace, love and respect
Anonymous 2410591459862040: Hadi, please have a good rest due to your condition. Leave the politics aside and try to do good for the country by eradicating corruption for a start.

Sarawakian: The RUU355 debate - the private member's bill to amend the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act - won't happen because Hadi is on medical leave.
How convenient it is for Malaysian Official 1 (MO1). - Mkini

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