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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Can Wear Kafir Underwear, Cannot Wash Kafir Underwear. Ayoyo !!

Here is Free Malaysia Today:

sociologist warned of apartheid environment in Malaysia
signs pointing to it were clear.

Syed Farid Alatas said Islamic scholars, leaders need to reverse trend
speak publicly against divisions along religious, racial lines.

separate trolleys, halal non-halal, will lead to separate supermarkets
like Muslim-only laundry businesses,” he told FMT.

early warning signs of apartheid situation 

reasons for divisions was Malay sense of insecurity 
politicians, religious scholars were stoking it.

Malays insecure about economic status 
being told they may lose control if they are not careful

to compensate such fears the community started to stress religious beliefs

also cited external factors 
spread of dubious religious ideas from Arabs 

regressive and exclusivist ideas from Arabs 
influential in Malaysia,” he said

laundrettes in Muar and Kangar prohibit non-Muslims 
Ministry of Domestic Trade guidelines :  trolleys for halal and non-halal items

My comments : I also wish to comment about my previous post 'Religious Fascists'.

Here my friend Farid Alatas speaks about a religious apartheid being heaped upon the Muslims.

Before that, just today I got some confirmation (through WhatsApp)  from a Quran scholar in India (whom I should write about someday)  about the meanings of the words Iblis, Syaitan and kafir  as they are used in the Quran.  

It confirmed what I have figured out from quite some time ago - through a word search and word analysis of the Arabic Quran.

Now these Quranic definitions are quite different from the understanding of the orthodox schools. Unfortunately, to avoid attracting the negative  attention of the retards, I will have to keep the info to myself.  

I digress.  Farid talks about apartheid. In the video in the previous post, Raymond Ibrahim talks about the jihadi fascists.

In the 20th century the Fascists were the Nazi Germans, the Italians and the Japanese of the Bushido.  

As for apartheid, it was the white people who inhabited South Africa and Rhodesia.

The religious retards can try to be fascists and apartheid-ists,  good examples are the Saudis, the religious jihadists all over the world, the Taliban, the Pakistanis (almost all of them), a sizeable number of the less intelligent  in our own  country, the ISIS and other retard groups.

The Muslims were not always like this. The situation has become worse with the influence of the Wahabis / Salafis rising in Malaysia. Government departments, government institutions, religious bodies are becoming infested with Wahabi / Salafi ideology. 

All this satanic behaviour is from the Iblis ideas of the Wahabis / Salafis.

But there is a huge difference from the Nazi fascists, the Italian fascism of Benito Mussolini, the fascism of Bushido Japan and the apartheid of the white people in Rhodesia and South Africa.

Nazi Germany was the most technologically advanced country in the world. 
It was also highly literate and cultured.

So were Mussolini's Italy and Japan. 
Japan in particular was the most advanced Asian nation. 
They had vast industries, they could make their own cars, motorcycles, airplanes, tanks, ships, submarines, trains and everything else. 

In Rhodesia and South Africa, for a very long time, the white people were more modernised, educated, literate, technologically advanced and cultured.  Unfortunately they decided to "lord" it over the black peoples of Africa.

That was the Nazis, the Italian Fascists, the Japanese nationalists and imperialists and the racist whites in Africa. 

In sharp contrast, in the 21st century today all the religious ostards wal retards cannot even make their own underwear.

Lets take that laundrette in Muar (or Kangar).  
All their laundry machines are made by the kafirs. 
In fact it is most likely that the supplier of the laundry machines are also the kafirs.  
All the clothes that are washed in the machines are possibly ALL made by the kafir people.  

If the laundry machines break down, it is most likely that a kafir guy or a kafir owned company will come to repair the laundry machines. 
The suppliers of the spare parts will most certainly be kafirs as well.

The detergents used by the  retards are all made by the kafirs. So will be the chairs and  tables they sit on.   Their pants, shirts, shoes, underwear, handphones, watches, nail clippers, spectacles, ball point pens, biscuits and biscuit tins, coffee cups, pet bottles, the drinks inside the pet bottles, their calculators, magazines, newspapers, books, scissors, rubber bands, toilet tissues (which they do not use ha ha) toothpicks, plastic rulers, ink, electric lamps, coins, currency notes, wallets, credit cards etc etc etc (these items are all on my table now, except for the clothes, I am wearing them he he). 

They are economically backward and financially poor. Without free handouts, without free money (largely derived from taxes levied on the kafirs), without direct government assistance, without the government lowering academic requirements for university entrance they will not be able to survive.

So the ostard wal retards and their flock cannot be compared with Nazi Germany.
They are NOT Fascist Italy or Bushido Japan.
They are NOT white folks in Rhodesia or South Africa.

Then the ostard wal retards have their real life problems : their flock or their followers suffer serious issues. Other than being economically poor and backward their followers suffer drug problems in large numbers, unemployment or pengangguran in large numbers, they suffer sumbang mahram, rape, gang rape,  ibu tunggal, ayah kahwin bini muda which leads to horribly broken families,  low academic achievement, an almost pathological inability to learn maths or acquire scientific knowledge in large numbers, more pathological inability to think logically or rationally, they like to believe in ghosts, spirits, bomohs, black magic and other false paganisms. 

So with so much crap in their lives, it will be quite difficult for them to 'lord' it over the kafirs.

Without the presence of the kafirs they will not even have underwears to be washed inside those 'Muslim only'  laundry machines.

I would like to say that these folks are really delusional.

It is a lot simpler than that. 
They are just stupid.  
Village idiot level stupid. 

Once the free money and the free handouts system comes to an end, so will they. The free money system is coming to an end in Saudi Arabia, in Brunei and in Malaysia. It cannot last forever.

The rich whites used apartheid to protect their money.

The poor retards cannot use apartheid to protect  empty pockets.

You do not engage with the world you become poor, dirt poor.


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