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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Najibnomics and the price of Musang King

YOURSAY | ‘The price of Musang King durian has skyrocketed to RM88 per kg.’
FellowMalaysian: PM Najib Razak is making an effort to discombobulate the Chinese community and at the same time trying to discredit the opposition by claiming that they are up in arms against China's investment in the country,
The investments that Najib has claimed China has brought into the country so far are megalith infrastructure development projects which will be funded and built by China's companies, but they are actually paid for by our government under long-term loans provided by the Chinese agencies.
So, China's investments are not foreign direct investments (FDIs) in which the country values and seeks as such investors will bring in foreign capital and technologies into the country and set up their own industries here.
China's involvement in Malaysia will be fully paid by Malaysians except that the financing by the Chinese enterprises allows these projects to be built first.
The 'build, operate and transfer' Chinese system will not help the country as we will only be 'living on borrowed money' and paying a hefty price later.
Anonymous 2405371458107314: Najib, we are not opposed to China investments. We are opposed to corruption.
Wira: The Chinese ambassador warned in 2015 on the planned red-shirt disturbance in Kuala Lumpur Chinatown.
“…With regard to the infringement on China's national interests, violations of legal rights and interests of Chinese citizens and businesses which may damage the friendly relationship between China and the host country, we will not sit by idly," said ambassador Huang Huikang.
Our PM has committed to this path for the country on behalf of all Malaysians. Don't curse Beijing and blame Chinese Malaysians if Beijing intervenes in our country in future to safeguard their "investments."
You reap what you sow.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: No doubt investment brings in business, but the ones to benefit most are rich businessmen. On the contrary, ordinary folks would bear the brunt of price increases, both on essentials and properties.
The price of Musang King durian has skyrocketed to RM88 per kg. At such a price, it is beyond most Malaysians.
Moreover, this would have a ripple effect on even ordinary durians, putting them out of reach especially for poor families. This is only one item thus far affected by the Chinese investments.
In Australia, the impact is particularly felt by parents with infants. The Chinese are snapping up infant formula milk and sending them back to China, denying the locals of much-needed milk.
In time to come, if the Chinese arrive in huge numbers, which is inevitable in view of their investments, even ikan kembung would be priced out of the poor’s reach.
Vijay47: After his famous Washington visit to make America great, Najib has returned to Malaysia's sunnier shores to bestow the benefits of his renowned Najibnomics on his countrymen, in particular the Chinese community.
Chinese community? It must have finally dawned on him that his equally famous Malaysia Day May 13-style warning to the local Chinese must have been the stupidest in a long line of stupid things he has come out with and he realised some amends were called for.
And what better way to accomplish this than by referring to China, President Xi Jinping, and yes, durians, that most precious of commodities in international trade. His grasp of Musang King price fluctuations must have astounded the Hokkien businessmen present.
Nobody disputes the dividends from China investing here but when it adopts the scale it does in various strategic sectors, there is a real fear that we have exposed ourselves to being exploited and dominated, let alone the problems of repayment.
My only surprise is that he did not also speak about kangkung.
Tulan: Chinese Malaysians do not oppose our ties with China. They oppose the way it is done, which benefits BN/Umno cronies. A project that cost RM2 billion can go up to RM5 billion.
Clever Voter: Whoever wrote the speech for the prime minister has cleverly construed the opposition as ‘anti’ this and that. That's absolutely misleading and untrue.
Foreign investments that bring benefits to all in terms of employment and business opportunities are welcomed.
But if it is about benefitting self-serving and shameless politicians and their greed, then we have a problem.
SelangorKu: In the past, Umno politicians would tell Chinese Malaysians to “balik Tongsan” (China) and now we can reply that “Tongsan sudah mari” (China has come).
Even the MRT trains are made in Changsha in China. It's ironic that we borrow money from China, while Najib uses our Employees Provident Fund (EPF) money to make America great again.
Nowadays pensioners have to buy their own expensive cancer medications costing RM40,000 and claim back from the government months later.
Government hospitals used to dispense medicine to ‘warga mas’ (senior) patients every three months but now this has been shortened to one month and now two weeks. Why? Because of budget cut.
Charity begins at home. We need better medical care, transportation especially in East Malaysia, instead of buying more Boeing planes to curry favour with US President Donald Trump.

It's treason to help America at the expense of poor Malaysians. Now everyone cannot eat Musang King. - Mkini


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