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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mahathir Bribed Kit Siang RM1 Billion To Become Pakatan’s Chairman

Mahathir bribed Kit Siang RM1 billion so that he could become Pakatan’s Chairman. Part of that deal was Kit Siang would not spill the beans on the Bank Negara forex scandal and Mukhriz would be given a safe parliament seat to contest in the next general election. RM750 million has been paid thus far and once Mukhriz’s seat is confirmed the balance will be paid.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Lim Kit Siang’s actions since the beginning of this year has puzzled many people, the top leadership of DAP in particular. Kit Siang appears to have warmed up to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and no longer does Kit Siang consider Mahathir the father of racism, the godfather of corruption, the man who killed democracy, the man who destroyed the judiciary, the criminal who must be put in jail for the rest of his life once Pakatan Harapan comes to power, and so on.
In fact, today Kit Siang considers Mahathir as the man who is going to save Malaysia and he says he never had any personal grudge against Mahathir but just disagreed with him on matters of policy and the management of the country. How far Kit Siang has fallen from calling Mahathir ‘Satan’ to now calling him ‘The Son of God’.

When the setting up of the special task force was announced many expected Kit Siang to be the star witness against Mahathir and were very surprised when Kit Siang suddenly did a U-turn

Some just pass this off as Kit Siang allowing the end to justify the means. Others say Kit Siang is practicing the doctrine of an enemy of my enemy is my friend — and since Mahathir is the enemy of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak then he becomes DAP’s friend. Then people like Superman Hew Kuan Yew say this is just Kit Siang’s strategy of using Malays to screw Malays.
Actually it is more than that. Mahathir has bought off Kit Siang with RM1 billion and that is why the old Chinaman has turned into the old Mamak’s lapdog. So it is true what they said in 1976 after all, which is Kit Siang can be bought but it has to be an awful lot of money. Those who remember the Exxon scandal of the mid-1970s involving the oilrigs in the South China Sea would know what this refers to. In fact, Kit Siang almost went to jail for that issue and when he did a U-turn many did not understand the reason why.
Anyway, a couple of days ago a friend called to say he is going to London to arrange for someone to meet me. My friend would not give more details but only said this ‘someone’ is within DAP’s ‘inner circle’ and that he has very important information to reveal.
We met up and this deep throat told me that Mahathir had bribed Kit Siang and the amount is RM1 billion to be paid in four tranches. RM750 million has already been paid and the final tranche of RM250 million will be paid once the deal is fully completed. The money, according to the deep throat, was being paid in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Kit Siang’s performance at the RCI was extremely disappointing considering this had been his crusade for more than 20 years — and now it is clear that Mahathir bought his silence

To earn that RM1 billion first Kit Siang has to agree to PPBM joining Pakatan Harapan as the fourth coalition member and for Mahathir to become the coalition Chairman. Then Kit Siang has to back off and not reveal what he knows during the RCI hearing on the RM31.5 billion forex scandal. Next Mukhriz must be given a safe parliament seat to contest in the coming general election, if possible a seat which DAP can ‘control’ and can tell the voters who to vote for.
What was interesting is Muhyiddin Yassin was not included in the deal so it looks like he is being thrown under the bus.
After hearing this revelation I told the deep throat I cannot run this story unless I can see the evidence. This is the same with the deep throat who revealed that Muhyiddin was having an affair with Nika Gee. Unless I can see the evidence it is just a story and not something I can write about. The person who brought that Muhyiddin-Nika Gee scandal to my attention then showed me the signed affidavit to prove it.
The deep throat I met then showed me the evidence. I can view the evidence but he cannot give me any copies, he said. He is showing me the evidence just to prove he is telling the truth. He also said if the MACC feels they want to take action and would like the evidence he is prepared to deal with them. However, there are going to be certain terms and conditions attached, which the MACC would have to agree to first.

The deep throat will only deal with the MACC because he heard Kit Siang and Mahathir grumble that Dzulkifli Ahmad is straight as an arrow and is incorruptible

The deep throat said he is more comfortable dealing with the MACC because he heard Kit Siang tell Mahathir that the MACC chief commissioner, Dzulkifli Ahmad, is an honest and clean man and cannot be bought, which Kit Siang and Mahathir find most frustrating. That is why the deep throat is prepared to share the evidence with the MACC instead of wasting time talking to others.
The evidence I was shown was certainly convincing and if the MACC sees it as well they would definitely confirm that a case exists. The issue of Kit Siang receiving a RM1 billion bribe is one thing but how does Mahathir explain where the RM1 billion came from? And why is this transaction being done offshore and not in Malaysia if no crime is being committed? You only deal offshore if you are committing a crime and you do not want the local banks to know about it.
The questions surrounding Kit Siang’s strange behaviour and change of stance since the beginning of this year have now been answered. Many people could not understand why PPBM was admitted into Pakatan Harapan when it has nothing to offer. They have only one parliament seat, Pagoh, and even then Muhyiddin will find difficulty retaining this seat in the next general election.
Malaysian general elections are not just about votes but also about seats. Barisan Nasional can win just 45% of the popular votes but it will still be able to form the federal government because it will still have a simple majority in parliament. Pakatan Harapan needs to win at least 60% of the popular votes to form the next federal government because you need at least 112 seats for that to happen.

What value is PPBM to Pakatan Harapan and what can it contribute with just one seat, which it may not even be able to retain in the next general election?

So what value is PPBM to Pakatan Harapan? Pakatan Harapan needs 112 seats so it is short of about 50 to 55 seats. What good is one Pagoh seat even if Muhyiddin can still retain it in the next general election? And would not allowing PPBM into Pakatan Harapan and appointing Mahathir as its Chairman actually cause more seats to be lost?
Pakatan Harapan has already lost more than 25 seats because of what DAP did to PAS. By allowing PPBM into Pakatan Harapan and appointing Mahathir their Chairman may cause the loss of another 15 seats, making it 40 seats in total. That means Pakatan Harapan is going to struggle with roughly 50 seats or so and half of those or around 25 would be DAP seats.
The thing is Kit Siang knows that the chances of Pakatan Harapan winning 115 seats with 55 of them won by DAP and 60 by the other coalition members is now impossible. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has very cleverly neutralised Pakatan Harapan since the attacks on him first started in December 2014.

Kit Siang’s deal with Mahathir has disgusted many Chinese, even in Penang, and now it has been revealed that the deal involves a RM1 billion bribe as well

The most Pakatan Harapan can win in Sabah and Sarawak would be ten seats. DAP can probably bring in another 45 seats, tops. It could even be only 35 since many Chinese are now disgusted with Kit Siang and DAP, even in Penang itself. So where are the balance 65 seats going to come from?
That is the reality. So whether PPBM is allowed to join Pakatan Harapan and whether Mahathir is made its Chairman really does not matter. Either way Pakatan Harapan is dead anyway. This way Pakatan Harapan is still going to die but Kit Siang makes RM1 billion in the process. And making RM1 billion and die is better than making nothing and also die.
We will wait to see how MACC responses. If they want to meet this deep throat it can be arranged. But MACC will have to agree to the deep throat’s terms and conditions before they can get their hands on the evidence. And just like in the case of the affidavit to prove that Muhyiddin was having an affair with someone wife’s named Nika Gee, this evidence is also going to prove that Kit Siang received a RM1 billion bribe from Mahathir.

It did not make sense why Kit Siang would want Mahathir as Pakatan Harapan’s Chairman considering Mahathir’s baggage that is going to cause the loss of many seats — but now we know there are one billion reasons why Kit Siang appointed Mahathir as Pakatan’s ‘top dog’

I suppose this is a case of Mahathir’s redemption and Kit Siang’s retribution. Mahathir redeems himself by giving Kit Siang RM1 billion from the RM100 billion he stole while Kit Siang gets his retribution by taking back RM1 billion from the RM100 billion that Mahathir stole. This is what they would call a win-win situation — a win for Mahathir and Kit Siang but at the expense of the taxpayers, voters, DAP and Pakatan Harapan.
Well, they do say there is no such thing as a free lunch and that eventually someone pays. In this case DAP and Pakatan Harapan will pay come the next general election.

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