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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, December 30, 2017


I have mentioned before that the next country to "go down in flames" in the Middle East will be Iran. The Iranian people will revolt against the useless mullahs.  

During the MH370 crisis I recall telling a Minister that we will see dramatic change (revolutionary change) inside Iran  within our lifetime.  

Let me state now that Egypt is also on this critical list. Egypt is getting deeper into the hell hole.

Well it looks like the revolution in Iran is already happening. Since 27th December (three days ago) serious anti ayatollah protests have broken out all over Iran.   People are getting tired of the mullahs.  Here is the news:

Iranian cities hit by anti-government protests

Protesters take to streets venting anger against authorities
Anti-govt demos began Thurs now spread to major cities

calls on social media for protests up and down the country

Large numbers in Mashad, Rasht, Kermanshah, 

smaller protests in Isfahan, Hamadan 
On Fri despite warnings demos spread further to biggest cities 

Dec 28, demos erupted in Mashhad, 2nd largest city
spread to other cities in Khorasan, Razavi Province. 

Dec 29 protests hit Kermanshah, Hamadan, Rasht, Sari, Ahvaz, Qom, Isfahan, Tehran.

protests began against rising prices 

spiralled into general outcry against mullah rule 

small number arrested in Tehran

How did protests start?

demonstrations began in Mashhad - 2nd most-populous - Thurs

Peoples' anger over high prices 

People poured into streets, tired of rising cost of living
"When we don’t have bread to eat, we are not afraid of anything"

Iran’s inflation 9.9% in Dec 2017, according to (IMF)
35%  during Rouhani’s first year in office in 2013.
Iran’s economy badly damaged from years of govt mismanagement 

economic improvements failed to impact people’s pocket in positive way.
60% of Iran’s population under 30

youth unemployment whopping 40% in 2017

protests spread to other cities in north-east
developed into broader anti-govt demos
calling for release of political prisoners, end to police beatings.
most serious and widespread expression of public discontent since 2009 

What are people complaining about?

protest against economic conditions, corruption 
Slogans chanted against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and mullah rule

Demonstrators yell "people are begging, mullahs act like God". 

Protests even in Qom, holy city home to powerful mullahs

anger at Iran's interventions abroad. 

some chanted "not Gaza, not Lebanon, my life for Iran"
protest against focus on foreign rather than domestic issues.
demonstrators chanted "leave Syria, think about us" 

President Rouhani dogged by economic problems
Rouhani promised to boost economy

despite lifting of intn'l sanctions, unemployment 12.4%.

clashes between security forces and demonstrators in Kermanshah.

'Seething discontent'

demos take Iranian authorities by surprise 

Impromptu anti-govt demos rare 
Revolutionary Guard have strong grip on population.

protests stem from seething discontent in Iran

worsening economic conditions
Iranians became 15% poorer in 10 years alone.

  • Many believe money being spent in Syria, Yemen, Iraq.  
  • Billions also spent on Shia propaganda around the world.

citizens demand better living circumstances. 

Mullahs blame Rouhani government for unrest

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei criticized protests as baseless, lies, slander 
blamed  Rouhani government for unrest.
Those in charge of the country cannot speak against the state.”

Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda, Mashhad’s Friday prayer leader blamed Rouhani govt
We should not wait until knife hits the bone 

and forces people to pour into streets to voice problems,” said Alamolhoda 
Unfortunately the executive branch are not attending to people’s problems.”
The enemy wants to hurt us,” he said. 

  • police violently attacked with batons, fists, and kicks
  • we threw stones at them. We did everything we could. 
  • It was an uprising. It’s just beginning. 
  • We cannot hold back because we cannot feed our families with silence

demonstrators shouting slogans such as : 
  • “Freedom or death” 
  • “Death to the dictator” 
  • “People beg; mullah rules like a God” 
  • “Death to high prices” 
  • “Let go of Syria; think about us” 
  • “I give my life for Iran, not Gaza, not Lebanon” 
  • “Don’t be afraid, we are all together” 
  • “Political prisoners must go free.”

My comments :  Folks, I will say it again - the religious people are the biggest liars in the world. Their whole life is a living lie. Without lying, there can be no religious people. 

This is becoming evident in Iran. It has been the case since over 25 years ago. The Iranian people have been leaving Iran by the hundreds of tousands. As late as 25 years ago, the Iranian "refugees" began arriving in Malaysia in large numbers. I knew one such family (a man, his wife and her two boys) and was involved in lending them some assistance to make their stay comfortable in Malaysia. The man has since died, the woman migrated to the West, one of the sons became a shisha operator for some time while the other boy explored other exploits. 

I recall their conversations. They really hated the mullahs. They said the mullahs were corrupt and teaching all types of lies and falsehoods just to keep their positions. Anyone who questioned the mullahs corruption was declared an enemy of Islam.

This is exactly what the demonstrators in Iran are now saying :

“People beg; mullah (Agha) rules like a God”.

I find it quite mind boggling that as late as this 21st century these mullah satans still have a foothold on Allah's earth.

The spawn of satan is now laying the blame on others for the troubles in Iran. How predictable. 

The situation in Iran is NOT unlike the situation in our own country. Our own lying satans are getting out of control.  

The situation in Iran looks like it has reached a boiling point. Traditionally the Iranian people  have more guts and gumption. Like the Indonesians, Thais and Filipinos. When they decide that they have had enough of the crap, they go down on the streets and throw out their thieves and the satans.  

Lets us hope that 2018 brings and end to the mullahs in at least one country on earth.  I think the mullahs are going to face a very violent and frightening end to their reign.

Laknatullaahi ala hizbul syaitan.

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