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Sunday, December 31, 2017


Here is a straight forward, direct to the point reply by Rais Husin, a member of PPBM’s Supreme Council about Anwar Ibrahim and PKR. My comments in blue.
Anwar’s freedom and political future not Pakatan Harapan’s main agenda
Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) has said.
(My comments :  Anwar and his family think otherwise. What are their thoughts ? Maybe they would like to rename the  Earth as ‘planet Anwar’. That is how much they think of themselves.)
  • PPBM said PKR no right to dictate how PH coalition is run
  • or who should be its prime minister candidate
  • everyone has to discuss and arrive at a decision
  • not just PKR dictating terms on how coalition is run.
“We do not want PH just a coalition for Anwar,” Rais Hussin told Malay Mail

  1. PKR would agree Dr M,  Wan Azizah as PM, DPM if certain conditions met.
  2. PKR wanted assurance Dr M would push for Anwar’s release from prison
  3. also wanted Dr M to promise he would only be interim PM
  4. until Anwar can take over.
PH’s objective saving country, focusing on bigger picture.
cannot be one person or one party dictating agenda Rais explained.
details of high-level PKR meeting leaked to press
Things have to be discussed with coalition members
 you cannot leak news and expect everyone to fall in line,” he said.
(My comments : This is the typical Anwar Ibrahim style. Using the backdoor method to influence outcomes.  Leaking their ‘secret deliberations’ and then seeing what are the the reactions. If the reactions are unfavorable, they will wash their hands of the matter.)
PH had responsibility to uphold rule of law
process of releasing Anwar would take time and stages.
There is due process, various stages
cannot bend everything for one person, one party
Rais said any future agreements between PH made public in interest of transparency
Akhramsyah Sanusi confirmed PKR has not formally come with any conditions or caveats with regards to Dr M’s position as PM candidate.
PPBM have learned to make decisions within formal lines
we don’t wish to react to leaks of any party.
should treat such leaks with lack of dignity they deserve
PH finalising proposal to announce candidate for PM in Jan  2018
some feel announcement should be kept until Parliament dissolved
others believe the January convention most suitable platform
PH convention will be held at the Shah Alam Convention Centre.
The coalition proposed  Dr M as PM and Wan Azizah as DPM.
reportedly agreed by “G5” – Dr M, Wan Azizah, Muhyiddin, Guan Eng, Mat Sabu.
(My comments :  
Note that the DAP, Amanah and of course PAS are also absolutely silent on this matter.  No one seems to be in a hurry to see Anwar released early from jail.   Why?
This is a stupid and useless argument by the PKR. Typical Anwar Ibrahim bungling. It reminds me of that ‘matikan setem di Pejabat Pos Besar’  episode. Typical stupidity.
  • The Pakatan Harapan must win the elctions first BEFORE they can even consider to have Anwar released. 
  • The Pakatan Harapan is in absolutely NO POSITION now to get Anwar released from jail.
And even if they wanted to, they cannot “spring” Anwar from jail – like in the cowboy movies.  They cannot break the law –  ikut suka hati.  They have to follow procedure.
But  this is a time wasting argument because  Anwar is set to complete his jail term and be released from jail within a few months anyway.    In a few more months, in 2018,  Anwar Ibrahim will walk amongst you again. Jeng jeng jeng.
It is also certain that the General Elections will be over before Anwar completes his jail term 
Even if PH wins the General Elections, the larger issue for Anwar is that completing his jail term does NOT absolve him of his crime.  
He still remains a convicted criminal – barred from running for Parliament / ADUN for FIVE YEARS from the date of his release from jail. 
Meaning Anwar can only run for Parliament in 2023, at the earliest. Anwar will be 76 years old.
Shahdan,  to be able to run for Parliament (and become PM) sooner than 2023, Anwar must secure a full Royal Pardon from the YDP Agong for his criminal acts.   
Now this is where it gets complicated.
If the PH wins the General Elections, it all depends on how many seats are won by PPBM, DAP, Amanah, PKR, Parti Warisan and that other BN component that may jump ship. 
If PKR does not win enough Parliamentary seats to be in a ‘king maker’ position or to threaten the Pakatan Harapan with pulling out (if Anwar is not released / pardoned) then of course the PH may not need Anwar Ibrahim anymore. 
Plus, note this carefully,  if the Pakatan Harapan wins the General Elections,  many (or any) UMNO MPs will certainly jump ship. They will come begging to work with Tun Dr Mahathir and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin again.  
So if the Pakatan Harapan wins the General Elections, there will certainly be defections from UMNO into PPBM.   
Like it or not, in the event of a Pakatan Harapan win,  PPBM will become stronger.  
And as a PPBM member let me tell you with certainty, few PPBM people like Anwar Ibrahim. 
Hence the less the PH will need PKR and/or Anwar Ibrahim.  
So all this “noise” coming out of PKR about naming Anwar as the Prime Minister is just wasting time. 
First you must follow the procedures and obey the laws.
Secondly the number of Parliamentary seats won by the PH components will determine if they still need PKR or no.
Which in turn will determine if Anwar gets a full Royal Pardon or not. There is no rocket science involved here at all folks.   
That is why Anwar stands a better chance of cutting a deal with UMNO. 
That is perhaps why Anwar Ibrahim requested that  Super Moron come and visit him in hospital. They must have discussed a deal.  The fact that both Moron and Zahid visited Anwar is proof enough that something  was discussed.
In the event of a hung Parliament or in the event of a narrow win by PH, THEN AND ONLY THEN will Anwar Ibrahim be wooed to the sky by UMNO. Then Anwar can dictate any terms and ask for the sky – from either PH or from UMNO.
What is my personal belief? Anwar Ibrahim is the world champion at back-firing. Yes pun intended as well.  The Nobel Laureate at bungling, zero strategy, dont know what to do, zero “technical knowledge” about anything.  
It is time for the PKR to move beyond Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah and family. If the PKR wants to be relevant, they better develop new ideas, other than denying that Anwar did not do what he really did. Please grow up ok. Do not waste your life. 
Here is the real threat to PKR (and PAS)  – imagine the Pakatan wins and begins to put the country in order.   You will have to start managing the country.   Alamak – that could be another huge problem.  I have never seen or met Nurul Izzah in the almost 10 years that she has been the MP for Lembah Pantai. I  lived in Bangsar for a long time, our 20 year old  business started in Bukit Angkasa and is located  now in Bangsar South. Yet we have never seen her even once. Wakil Rakyat in absentia.
Anyway, the Elders say that the USA, Singapore, Japan, UK and the EU prefer the BN to win the elections. But they do not want the Super Moron as PM.
They do not want to see the Opposition win. 
They are afraid of the unknown.
Neither do they want to see Tun Dr Mahathir as PM again.
They do not want Tun Dr Mahathir as PM because they know Tun Dr Mahathir is clever and very experienced. For 22 years Tun Dr Mahathir was able to stand up to the stupidity and the bullying by the US, UK and the West in general. 
Until today Africa, the Third World countries and the Islamic countries all look up to Tun Dr Mahathir as a leader and the spokesman for the Third World.  If Tun Dr Mahathir becomes PM again, it will really upset the ‘master-slave’ relationship that has come back into being in the world today.
Plus Dr Mahathir made Malaysia economically strong and independent.
That is why they do not want Dr Mahathir as PM of Malaysia.
Which is exactly why we have to vote for Tun Dr Mahathir again.
– http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.my/

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