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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Yoursay: Let’s all sing ‘Hail to the chef’

YOURSAY | ‘Please continue speaking up for the voiceless, Chef Wan.’
Beh Sai Kong: Redzuawan Ismail, a thousand thank yous for speaking up. I am neither Malay nor Muslim, and therefore had no share of Felda in any way, but a crime of this magnitude must not be allowed to happen, and I feel for those affected.
To be the government does not mean to have absolute power. When something like this happens – and by no means has this been the only such incident - justice must not be simply set aside. And don’t wait till after the elections. Promises mean nothing.
If such things happen to those who are described as bumiputeras, then what hope is there for the rest of us?
My only face-to-face encounter with Chef Wan is many, many years ago in Bangsar Baru when we were both lining up to make our orders in McDonald’s.
I looked at him in wonder and said: “You too?” – incredulous that Malaysia’s famous chef was also queuing up for fast food – and we both laughed out loud!
You are a good man, sir; please continue to speak up for the voiceless.
Odin Tajué: So very sorry, Redzuawan, but the actions of the greatest and ablest protectors of race, religion and royalty will not result in any action being taken against them.
Has any action been taken after they allegedly stole billions that has resulted in the ordinary Malaysians effectively having to pay Abu Dhabi-based International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) twice? Of course not.
Anonymous: Just to note two points. One, it took nearly a year for the newly appointed Felda chairperson Shahrir Abdul Samad to discover the fraud.
Two, were there any announcements made via Bursa Malaysia of their intended disposals, and as such any queries made by them?
Now that there are police reports lodged, any attempts by Bursa Malaysia to audit and investigate the matter? And the Securities Commission, any investigations by them too?
Mechi: Imagine if former Felda chairperson Isa Samad was opposition leaders Lim Kit Siang or Guan Eng. Umno division heads would have made police reports by now, and the police and MACC would already be investigating.
This is truly, in the words of Puad no less, a “mafia” system exclusive for cronies.
Ravinder: Fine, let's not hear any preaching of religion and morals anymore. Do these people not profess any religion? If they do, does that religion allow such things to be done?
These days everything seems to be driven by greed of those in high positions. The problem is that the law enforcement agencies dare not throw the book at them, afraid that it will rebound and hit them instead.
WG 321: There is no point for Chef Wan to be wailing aloud in public. He is the son of a Felda settler, he should know that once the 14th general election rolls around, many of them will still vote for Umno.
When Umno starts handing out BR1M, cooking oil, 5kg bags of rice, milk powder, and even small electrical appliances, everything will be forgotten.
Sarawakian: It is obvious Chef Wan supports former PM Dr Mahathir Mahathir and is no friend of the kleptocrats.
To get his message across to the Felda settlers, Chef Wan has cleverly said he is neutral and has no political agenda beforehand.
Expect our good chef to be very vocal in the days to come.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Chef Wan, being a celebrity and son of a settler yourself, you are most trusted by them.
As such, what you tell them would be gospel truth to them. Their fate lies in your hands.
Save Felda for them, and you will receive manifold blessings from Allah.
Abdul Kadir Ali: Hail to the chef.
Rupert 16: Chef Wan has the right to be angry.
We, the citizens of the country, should also be angry at the way the country is being governed, and how taxpayers’ money is ending up in the pockets of our political leaders, instead of for the greater good of the country and our fellow citizens.
So let us all vote wisely come GE14.
KSN: Oh wow, Mahathir, you are congratulating Chef Wan for focusing on “justice,” and the “well-being” of the nation.
I had the impression that you yourself would focus on abusing laws for you own benefit, as well as that of your family and cronies.
Do you think Malaysians have forgotten your 22 years as prime minister? Take a break for the nonsense, man.
Touche: In UK, First Secretary of State Damian Green was sacked for what is at worst inappropriate behaviour, not for stealing billions.
In Malaysia, ministers are glorified and continue to be voted in despite allegedly stealing and losing billions.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: There should be more Chef Wans coming out to warn the Malays of the biggest kleptocracy scandal ever.
Apa Ini: One would think that with 1MDB, there wouldn’t be extra room for more scandal.
But Ali Baba and his 40 thieves, a couple of their greedy wives, and some paid goons continue to bleed our nation.- Mkini

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