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Sunday, December 31, 2017

cakap cakap...Mahathir.

I do not need for Tun to say sorry to me.

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Dephy Oon · Friends with Wong Piang Yow and 1 other
he’s really good. unbeatable. timing n all. and if there is one thing that malay brothers n sisters need.. its apology.

other races..?? i dunno, maybe not. they have elephant memory. And that goes to say that they’ll weigh the good vs the ‘wrongs’ and know the wrongs were nothing compared to the progress that Tun has given their next generations. And that makes it all fair game. Knowing some things had to get done so as to get something more, and errors in that direction, are forgivable, coz thats how life is. 

That’s life. we all make mistakes. But to the observer, their mistakes seem to be galactic magnitudes bigger... but that is only because they have strived bigger, dreamed bigger and made things happen bigger.

And for Tun, he once had a dream... that he could equalise wealth in the nation... but the one thing he’s had to learn the hard way is that wealth MUST be earned the hard way... that one must never institutionalise the act of taking from jack to give to tom so as to arrive at those goals of wealth equality. 

Because it breeds greedy bust-turds. The likes of who are now shoveling everyhing into their personal bank accounts at ever increasing pace, as if there is no tomorrw. These greedy bust-turds have always had it too easy... and all Tun did was pave the way for they and made it easier.

For that, there can be no apology that suffices. Only corrective action - and even to that enormity he has stepped up. 

Outstanding. His personality traits are comparable to no less than the likes of Washington, Mandela maybe Gandhi.

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
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Hussein Abdul Hamid Thanks for your comments... I don't agree with everything you say but you are entitled to have your say... Salute!
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Dephy Oon · Friends with Wong Piang Yow and 1 other
Hussein Abdul Hamid 

love that you are real about things. so here’s a challenge for you...

try being in singapore for a good part of life, simply becoz there were not enuf form 6’s and uni’s to accommodate (supposedly).

then try being a minority, the sort that is called “pendatang”.

with that, try being female, and realising that the 19th century so-called national culture is actually the perpetuation of bullying in various forms.

then try seeing that years and hundreds of thousands of personal taxes paid get squandered off to tom under so-called “policies”.

then try imagining being in China (with a big ‘C’) for several years, living and paying taxes as a local with a residence permit, and learning the ‘C’ ways (whatever you may deem ‘C’ to be)

one then learns that the “C”rimes of Tun are a mere drop in the bucket compared to the vision of forging an economically wealthy nation. he crawled up the wrong tree, favouring bullying as the MO rather than compassion as the driver of progress. the price of going up the wrong tree is extremely high.

but, the gentleman that he is has stepped up even to that. and his resilience continues to amaze me. 

in no way do i try to have you agree with me, merely providing a different view from the branches of another birch tree.

Mohd Faizal Idris This is what we should..trying to understand each other because what we comprehend differs to what essence we are made of through education,culture,religion...

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