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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Construction worker denies deformed sons physically abused

K Ramakrishnan says a stranger uploaded pictures of his sons without his permission and claimed that they were residents of a welfare home where they were abused by the caretaker.
JabeshPETALING JAYA: Construction worker K. Ramakrishnan has denied allegations that two of his sons, who were born with deformities, were victims of physical abuse.
Ramakrishnan, 37, from Bandar Hilir, Melaka, said a stranger uploaded pictures of Jabesh, 11, and eight-year-old Joshua without his permission and claimed that they were residents of a welfare home where they were abused by the caretaker, reported The Star.
He said the allegations were untrue and his sons had no physical signs of being abused, adding that he loved his children and would not let anyone abuse them.
“One of my sons has a surgical mark on his right hand from a motorcycle accident, which I was also involved in earlier this year,” The Star quoted Ramakrishnan as saying.
He said he went with his two sons to the Portuguese Settlement on Christmas Day to sell snacks to visitors to supplement his income.
Ramakrishnan claimed that while they were there, an individual took pictures of his sons after enticing them with gifts.
He said he never thought the person would fabricate a story that his sons were abused and that the welfare home was using them to sell knick-knacks.
He said there were orphans from the home who attended the celebration at the settlement, but his children were not from the home.
In fact, Ramakrishnan said, the caretaker of the home had actually helped his family by providing financial assistance.
He apologised to the 53-year-old female caretaker who had lodged a police report after being accused by NGOs of exploiting his children.
Ramakrishnan said he had eight children – five boys and three girls – and four of them had physical deformities.
He said his sons refused to go to school because they were bullied and teased, and some even called them “aliens” and “toyol”. -FMT

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