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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Let’s say Pakatan wins the next general election, do you think there will be a better democracy in Malaysia?
If you are a Pakatan supporter, of course you would say YES.
But, honestly, is that what Pakatan people really want?
BN people are saying Pakatan is no better or even worse than them.
Are they?
Well, I once told a good friend who is a Pribumi supporter (previously Umno supporter) that I’m uncomfortable with the incessant talks among people on his side about throwing Najib and other BN people in jail once Pakatan takes over the country.
“But isn’t that what the rakyat want?” he shot back.
“I think the rakyat want justice, but you can’t give them that if you already condemned those BN people before you even win the election and has the power to dispense justice,” I said to him.
I then told my friend that Pakatan would be no better than BN if it has such mentality.
I think they need to work more and talk less.
Furthermore, imagine you are going into a battle and even before the fighting starts you keep hearing the enemy saying that they are not taking any prisoner and will execute everyone on your side once they win.
I bet you will go all out and fight as hard as you can using every means necessary to win. After all, the enemy  had said they are going to kill you anyway even if you surrender to them.
And of course if cheating means you can win, you will cheat. It’s a matter of life and death, okay.
The enemy had already stated that they couldn’t care less about following the rules if they win, so why should you be nice and proper with them, right?
Try imagine this – BN plays according to the rules in the coming GE14 and then Pakatan wins. Then they arrest Najib, Rosmah and the whole gang. Do you really think there will be a fair trial for them?
Okay, let’s say there’s a fair trial and much to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that they were not guilty of anything. How do you think the Pakatan people will react?
Eh, remember ya, you all condemned them already even now.
Seriously, do we really want what is best for our country or do we want what is best for ourselves and our beliefs?
I’m not saying it’s wrong to go against BN, but are we clear of our intention for doing so?
Think about it okay.
Will things be better? Are we better than the people we regard as our enemies?
Let’s take the media for an example.
First of all, do you all really believe in freedom of speech and the need for the media to be politically neutral?
I think I have tried my best with this blog on this one ever since the Najib-Dr Mahathir war started in 2015. I published almost all comments and I criticised both sides if they did wrong.
Unfortunately, based on the comments that  I received, I don’t think that most of you all really appreciate my effort on that.
Most of you all, especially from the Pakatan side strongly condemned me whenever I wrote something which went negative from your belief.
So, you all have to excuse me if I don’t believe that the media will be better even if Pakatan takes over after GE14.
I even believe that the main stream media will be the same, except that it will just change sides.
I know that some of the behind the scene operators who control those media outlets are already hedging in case BN is really going to lose GE14.
They are not the visible top mainstream media people, Pakatan hopes to kick out if it comes to power, okay.
One of them, who is a “player” responsible for the recent ousting of several senior editors in his organisation had a private function with Pakatan people as guests just several weeks ago.
The purpose of that was very clear, I think.
Well, these type of people will remain in control of the news organisations even after a Pakatan victory.
And nothing will change. Mainstream media will remain the tool of those in power even if they are from Pakatan.
After all, Pakatan people as for now seem to still favour just stories which are nice about their side.
Personally, I feel that if Pakatan really wants to win the coming GE14, it needs to prove that things I wrote here were wrong.
You all Pakatan people must show the rest of us that you all are better than the BN people, instead of just saying that.
Sorry to say that at this moment, you all are not there yet.
Kalau sikit-sikit asyik nak kutuk aku je, apa perbezaan positif yang korang nak bawak kat Malaysia ni?
Orang tak suka macam tu tau.
Try to say things nicely lah, okay.
– http://lifeofaannie.blogspot.my

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