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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

61 Terbunuh Dalam Letupan Masjid Di Pakistan. Kaum Munafik Seribu Bisu. Masjid Di India Tiada Letupan Bom. Saifuddin Nasution Sila Ambil Perhatian.


1. On Monday, there was a bomb blast in a mosque in Peshawar. Usually, the turkey shoot happens on Fridays. But for the blast to happen on Monday, either the perpetrators had the day mixed up or it would have been a month end special.

2. Whatever it is, 61 people including police officers were killed while 150 were wounded.

3. The attack happened during afternoon worship in the provincial capital of Peshawar, close to former tribal areas along the Afghan border where militancy has been steadily rising.

4. No one has yet claimed responsibility for the blast but everyone knows it is the work of one of the usual suspects. No prize for guessing. (OSTB : Tarikat Taliban Pakistan or TTP)

5. What is noticeable is that the mosque is in police headquarters in Peshawar which is in one of the most tightly controlled areas of the city, housing intelligence and counter-terrorism bureaus, and is next door to the regional secretariat. It just goes to show that no place in Pakistan is safe, not even a police headquarters.

But more so, imagine all the preparation that had gone on to make this blast a success.

Pakistan is teetering on a breakup and the collapse will come much sooner than later.

For the Pakistanis, Malaysia provides a safe refuge. Now, how many more Pakistanis will be applying to come and work here. Of course, marrying a local and then staying here on a long term spouse visa and then operating own businesses is a tantalising prospect and opportunity. (OSTB : Menteri KDN Saifuddin Nasution sila ambil perhatian.  There will be an influx of Pakistanis everywhere - not just here in Malaysia. Just dont let the Taliban, the jihadis and the mullahs find their way here. We have had enough of those characters here before.)

6. Pakistan has long been a member of the Club of Doom.

7. India can be most relieved with Pakistan leaving the union of India.

8. A Muslim in India can go to a mosque and return home safely. In Pakistan, going to mosque comes with great risk. You can get killed. It is proven.

The above comment was written by Norman Fernandez.

My Comments :

61 insan terbunuh dalam letupan bom dalam sebuah MASJID di Pakistan. Tetapi tidak ada sesiapa pun pemimpin Islam atau  pertubuhan Islam di dunia yang membantah pembunuhan beramai 61 orang insan ini. Seolah mereka tidak peduli.

Bagaimana dengan Dr Mahathir? Dr Mahathir pernah berkata orang Islam berhak membunuh orang Perancis.  Sebab orang Perancis pernah membunuh orang Islam. 

Di masjid Peshawar itu tidak ada pun orang Perancis terlibat. Yang membunuh dan yang terbunuh semua adalah orang Islam. So is it ok? OK ke kalau Islam bunuh Islam?

Apakah parti anak sund@l (ikut tafsir YM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah)  akan mengadakan bantahan besar-besaran di pekarangan Masjid Kampong Baru pada Jumaat ini? Siap dengan tabung Tin Milo untuk kutip derma 'Mangsa Letupan Masjid Peshawar' yang pasti tidak akan sampai kepada mangsa di Peshawar.

Sheikh Palestin kata duit Tabung Palestin bocor entah ke mana. Rohingya pula tak tahu pun ada Tabung Rohingya. Dulu Tabung Memali sudah dibawa lari jin toyol.

Tabung Mat Indera pun ada ke?


Tetapi siapa peduli apabila 61 orang insan terkorban dalam letupan bom di sebuah masjid di Peshawar, Pakistan?  Tiada bantahan, tiada protest, tiada berkumpul di masjid sesudah sembahyang Jumaat.

Why? Kenapa? Sebab tiada Perancis terlibat. Sebab tiada Zionis terlibat. Ini adalah kes Islam bunuh Islam. 

So tidak ada bantahan. Tidak ada protest.

Inilah kaum munafik Gred A, 1st Class dalam dunia.

That is why no one respects you. 

The whole world not only laughs at you but they spit at you.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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